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Breakup Day of Anti-Valentine's Week 2023: Tips on how to break up respectfully

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
Feb 21, 2023 12:14 PM IST

Breakup Day 2023 of Anti-Valentine's Week: It is difficult to look someone in the eye and say that you want to end this relationship even when you're the one making the decision. Here are some tips on how to breakup with your partner respectfully

The Anti-Valentine's Week ends with Breakup Day, which falls on February 21 and if you are tired of being in a toxic relationship or with someone you have lost the spark, Breakup Day is the right opportunity to rip the band-aid off and choose freedom. Many people continue to be in unhealthy relationships because they don't want to hurt the other person but staying in a relationship that has reached its expiration date is unfair to both you and your partner if you don't see a future together.

Breakup Day of Anti-Valentine's Week 2023: Tips on how to break up respectfully (Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay )

One of the hardest things we face in life is the end of a relationship, be it a divorce or a break up, due to differences or even a mutual agreement to end a partnership. Though nothing remains permanent on this planet, not even our intensity of love towards our partner, we need to respect this truth of life and when it comes to breaking up with our partner, we need to honour the times that we spent together.

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Time is the most precious thing that we all have and when we are not left with any time, we are declared dead in the physical world. So let's breakup if it is necessary, with honour and respect for the time you were together but it's difficult to look someone in the eye and say that you want to end this relationship even when you're the one making the decision.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Devina Kaur, author of ‘Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious’, suggested some tips on how to breakup respectfully:

1. Know why you want to end your relationship

Knowing why you want to end the relationship will help you maintain your composure during the breakup talk. This will help you to prepare emotionally in case your partner tries to change your mind about ending the relationship. Avoid letting emotion take control of your thinking, instead, focus on the reason why you want to end this. Show respect to your needs and your reason to end the partnership.

2. Accept that it will probably be hurtful

Even if you and your partner have been together for longtime, there is a possibility that whatever you say will hurt them. This is true even if you both understand on some level that it's time to end the relationship. Accept that it's okay to break up if the relationship isn't working.

3. Let them go

You have decided to take the difficult decision to move on from a relationship that is not helping you grow and evolve spiritually, emotionally and maybe even financially. Know that it's ok to want to end a relationship but the way you choose to end the relationship is important. Always keep the principles of kindness in place, be kind no matter how challenging it is to show kindness. Respect for others also allows you to have more self-respect.

Adding to the list, Hitesh Chakraworty, Spiritual Healer, Relationship Expert and Founder of ISSAR, recommended:

1. Express your true emotions -

Most of the time we are not vocal about what we are going through in life and this is the reason our relationship gets bitter with time. When you are at the phase of break up, express everything that you felt went wrong in your relationship. This will help you in future as these emotions will vent out from your mind and will not repeat in your next relationship. This will help your partner as well, as he would understand what to avoid in his next relationship.

2. Discuss in private -

When going through this situation of breaking up from our partner, our mind is filled with intense emotions of anger, hatred and betrayal. So take your final call where only two of you are present so that you can cry if you feel like crying. Remember your relationship is a private affair, it should not become a joke or gossip stuff for others. So avoid discussion in public places or somebody's house.

3. Do not involve any third parties -

Relationships are completely private affairs between two individuals. Whatever you are going through emotionally, communicate directly to your partner. If things are not getting along, and you want to separate, discuss directly with your partner. Involving friends or family members will make your break up process bitter. Please avoid doing so.

4. Last sentences -

During the break up process, your last sentences will mean a lot in your future. So after you express all your emotions and you are ready to leave, please say this to your partner - "I cherished our time together. I honor and respect you as an individual. I wish you all the best for your future. Thank you".

Remember, none of us can be perfect in everything, we all make mistakes. Therefore, we need to honor and respect each other. Life is short and is given to us as a gift by Mother Nature for celebrating our time here. So please do not take life seriously and get stuck in a toxic relationship. Go ahead and breakup with honour and respect to the time you spent together and move on for the best.

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