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Home / More Lifestyle / Here’s why you need to tick these 9 things off your to-do list this holiday season

Here’s why you need to tick these 9 things off your to-do list this holiday season

If only sitting on things got them done.

more-lifestyle Updated: Mar 15, 2017 12:01 IST
Sneha Bengani
Sneha Bengani
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
We all crave for some ‘me’ time in our busy lives. But what do we do with it when we finally get it?
We all crave for some ‘me’ time in our busy lives. But what do we do with it when we finally get it? (Photos: Bibliophile./Facebook)

Disclaimer: The aim of this listicle is not to offer suggestions. Its only intent is to motivate you to have a more meaningful, fulfilling vacation.

A break could be anything depending on which stage you’re in life. If you are a school student, it will be the summer or the winter vacation. It’d be the time after university exams if you are a college-goer, a sabbatical or the time between switching jobs if you happen to be a working professional, and the maternity leave if you have delivered a baby.

But whatever may be the nature of a break, one thing always holds true—it is long awaited, and we all have a list of things we intend to do when we finally get to having “that kind of time.”

But do we really do any of those things? Well, we do some of it, those that do not require much effort. Others, naah.

With the summer vacations, university exams and the appraisal season staring at us, there is no better time than now to sit back for a while and take stock of things.

While you’re at it, we help you build a curated list of things you should be doing this time you get a break. Because what is to life if not good books, inspiring films and reflective travels?

Read books


As cliched as it might sound, it’s time you got out that reading list — books you’ve have heard about, books that are gathering dust on your shelf, books that you’ve been wanting to buy since forever. And read them. Cover to cover.

Start small, we’d say. Pick the best two of your list. Nope, reading them won’t take as long as you think it would. And you’d be surprised at the feeling of accomplishment + new-found wisdom that you will get every time as you reach the last page.

Watch films/TV series


This one gets worked on 9/10 times. Because duh! Binge watching fun films/TV series is the easiest thing there is to do. You do need us to tell you to do it.

Go to the gym. Regularly

This. This is the real deal. It’ll take all the inspiration you can gather to get yourself out of bed every morning and more so to stick to a diet, especially during holidays. But before you let procrastination kick in, you may want to have a good look at the mirror. Yes, all that exam/sitting at a desk for 10 hours/post-pregnancy weight needs to go away. It won’t, unless you step out.

Learn to drive a car/ride a bike

If you know both, try your hand at a tractor. It’s great fun, if you can find one. There’s nothing more liberating than charting your own course.

Go on that vacation


There will never be enough money and there will always be something more important to do. But book tickets anyway. Because you’ll never be as young as you are right now, at this moment.

Learn a musical instrument

Not guitar, not piano. Violin, we say. It takes a lot of time and effort. But the end result is worth all of it.

A new dance form

Bachata is the hot favourite this season. Find a partner if you do not have one already and spice up things a bit.

A new language

Ah, the benefits! You do not need us to narrate the long list. Go for Italian, we say. It must have some magic because it is not every day that a writer like Jhumpa Lahiri gives up her language mid-career to take up another.

Or Urdu. The words of Jon Elia and Faiz Ahmad Faiz would resonate a lot more if you understood their language better.



Learn to cook, sew and fix a flat tyre — things that’ll make it easier for you to live independently. Follow this list or make your own, but this vacation take out time to do things that’ll stay with you.

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