Model Karan Oberoi shows how one can still maintain those prized six-pack abs during quarantine.
Model Karan Oberoi shows how one can still maintain those prized six-pack abs during quarantine.

Quarantine fitness: Train like Karan Oberoi

Who says gym equipments are necessary to keep you fit? You can workout at home with limited resources available and still remain in shape.
Hindustan Times | By Akshay Kaushal
UPDATED ON MAY 28, 2020 10:11 AM IST

Model Karan Oberoi, who is currently staying in his Delhi home because of the lockdown, has been working out with home equipments, in the absence of gym. The model shares that one can still stay fit and maintain six-pack abs by doing home exercises with the help of a few things around. He has replaced dumbbells with bricks and using the pillars of his house to do pull ups. To keep him motivated, his sister Ishween Sahiba helps him with the work out session. Planning to launch his fitness label KO Fitness soon, he shares tips that can keep you chiselled with the help of home equipments.

Here’s how you can maintain your body while quarantining at home:

1. Pushups

A different variety of pushups can help you target all muscle groups without taking the help of weights.

a) Traditional pushup: The basic starting point where you bound to get more pressure on chest thus helps in chest workout.

b) Wide-grip pushup: It engages the shoulders more.

c) Close-grip pushup: It engages the triceps more.

d) Clap pushup: It improves power, general strength, and explosiveness.

e) Dead-stop pushup: It helps in losing a lot of calories and keeps you slim.

2. On spot jumps

Karan Oberoi aka KO does almost 10 sets of jumps, each set has 200 counts on the floor which is as good as running on a treadmill. “It allows the body to keep in shape as it gives enormous shake also helps in extensive sweating,” he says. He often increases the speed and intensity of jumps to amplify its effect. Easier to do while being at home.

3. High intensity sprints on terrace

He uses the terrace of his house to run around from one corner to another with full speed, stopping for a while and then starting again with the same speed. High intensity sprints lead to weight loss. Interval training is more effective and efficient at promoting weight loss.

4. Weightlifting hacks

KO has been using bricks instead of dumbbells while doing lifting exercises. Another hack is using is that of using water pipelines on his roof to do pull ups.

5. Watch your diet

It’s also very important that you keep a watch on what you eat such as eating foods that are not high on sugar and salt. As such foods can give water retention.

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