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Scorching Indian summer: Get that water bowl or tub for animals

People for Animals Trust Faridabad has installed water tubs across Faridabad and on the Gurgaon-Faridabad road for animals under a new project called Summer Lifeline. Refilled every two days with fresh and clean water, each tub holds enough water to quench the thirst of around 15-20 animals.

more lifestyle Updated: May 20, 2016 18:58 IST
Nikita Saxena
Nikita Saxena
Hindustan Times
People For Animals Trust Faridabad,Faridabad,Summer lifeline
People for Animals Trust Faridabad has started project Summer Lifeline to prevent animal deaths due to dehydration.

With the mercury is crossing 45 degree Celsius and the city experiencing record breaking high temperature, we still better off in our air conditioned condos and offices. However, the heat has taken a toll on the voiceless animals. Often these animals are seen running from one place to another looking for water. To help them deal with the water crisis and heat, NGO PFA Faridabad is installing water tubs in several areas of Faridabad to ensure that animals get water to drink throughout the day.

Talking about it, Ravi Dubey, the president of the initiative, says, “This project is called Summer Lifeline. There are lots of animals that die due to dehydration in this heat. Under this project, water tubs have been installed in various areas of Faridabad so that they water is easily available to them. These tubs serve 15-20 large animals and around 50 small animals.”

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Under the project, the NGO has installed water tubs in and around Faridabad.

The tubs have also been installed on the Gurgaon-Faridabad road also. “Animals such as peacocks, monkeys, and blue bulls from Aravalli hills enter the city in search of water. They meet with fatal accidents on trying to get inside the city. Now they won’t have to enter the city anymore,” he adds.

Weighing around 100 kilos, the tubs are made of cement and iron rods. They are available in two sizes: small ones that are of 100-litre capacity and big ones that are of 200-litre capacity. Every alternate day, people from the organisation clean the tubs and fill fresh water in them. Dubey says, “We had run the project previous year as well. The locals had said that they would fill the tubs themselves but that never happened so this year, we have taken the responsibility. We arranged the tanker on our own and fill it with water from different tube wells.”

The tubs hold enough water for around 20 large animals and 50 small animals.

Apart from installing the tubs, the organisation is also distributing them to people free of cost. Preeti Singh, who has taken six tubs, says, “I have mounted these tubs in different parts of Noida. Not only do animals have water from these tubs, they also take a soak in them. A water tanker fills and cleans them twice a week.”

And if you cannot get hold of a tub, then from your side, you can put earthen bowl filled with water for stray dogs and birds to quench their thirst.


1. Watch out for stray animals and birds in your vicinity. If they look thirsty, give them water in a bowl. If the animal are in distress, don’t hesitate to call an animal welfare organisation.

2. Involve the community and place mud bowls of water outside for strays. You can place these bowls in your balcony or terrace for birds.

3. Though sugar isn’t advisable, but in this intense heat, if you mix a bit of glucose in water, then it will give strength and relief to them.

First Published: May 20, 2016 18:58 IST