This is why you must wear a sunscreen: Man gets head dent after severe sunburn

Your face can get really swollen from a sunburn , 21-year-old Cade Huckabay’s Twitter post featuring his sunburned, dented forehead proves it. His shocking pictures have gotten over 100,000 retweets.

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HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
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When Cade Huckabay pressed his finger into the swelling on his forehead, which he shows himself doing in a series of photos, it left an actual dent in his head. (Twitter)

Cade Huckabay, a 21-year-old man from Texas, US, has tweeted a series of photos that are seriously freaking people out: If there were ever a case for being diligent about wearing sunscreen, this is it.

If you’ve ever sprained an ankle or had any other part of your body swell up, then you might know that pressing your finger into the swelling can leave an impressive dent. That’s what Huckabay did when his face started swelling after a severe sunburn, and the resulting photo is pretty intense. Just look:

Huckabay posted the photos on Monday, and explained that he had shaved his head in order to see what he would look like and then “decided to get sunburnt af.” (Clearly, though, this was not an intentional decision. Wear your sunscreen, kids.) Despite being warned about the negative effects of continued, prolonged exposure to sun, some people still choose to go out without the required amount of sunscreen.

Huckabay’s sunburn led to swelling and the head dent, as Huckabay calls is, is a result of pressing his finger into the swelling. Huckabay said in a tweet that he, at one point, created a dent that lasted a half hour. And, although swelling from a sunburn isn’t exactly a common symptom — or else it wouldn’t be quite so shocking, he’s not alone. Several people commented on Huckabay’s tweet with photos or videos of their own severely swollen faces, to show solidarity.

As for Huckabay’s swelling, it went down after four or five days, he told Inquisitr. And he’s hoping his head dent can remind everyone to put on some sunscreen. “I don’t want people following in my footsteps,” he said.

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First Published: Dec 09, 2017 08:50 IST