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Touch Chesi Choodu movie review: Ravi Teja defies logic and gravity

The film doesn’t move forward, it is scattered and all that the director has managed to do is stitch together a few emotional sequence, song and dance, and villain who doesn’t have any impact on the script.

movie reviews Updated: Feb 02, 2018 19:49 IST
Priyanka Sundar
Priyanka Sundar
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
Touch Chesi Choodu movie review,Touch Chesi Choodu,Ravi Teja
Ravi Teja embraces his entertainer tag with aplomb.

Touch Chesi Choodu
Ravi Teja, Raashi Khanna
Director: Vikram Sirikonda
Rating: 1/5

When Karthik aka Karthikeya (Ravi Teja) is angry, he is turns into a superhero. Sample this: He can run and and chase down a suspect accelerating in a high-end car at high speed. He ends up taking care of the villain’s underlings, but when it comes to the bad man himself he is forced to give up because a child is taken hostage. That is just one of the many action scenes that we see in the film, which shall make you wonder if Isaac Newton was wrong about the gravitational force after all.

Another gem is when machinery that is set to be delivered to his company is stolen and Karthik tries to file a complaint at the police station. The cop calls the man who Karthik suspects and accepts his excuse of not being in town. The fact that the police listen to criminals results in Karthik getting angry and uttering the following words, “When a case is solved with dedication, you can conclude it in 2 minutes.”

You might think he might use logical means to prove himself right, but no. Karthik is then forced by the cop to face the suspect, and he passes sarcastic comments. To teach the corrupted cop and the criminal a lesson, Karthik then chooses to pull what looks like a 20 KG chain that hangs from the crane nearby and destroy a car. All with the help of vibrations from his hand, which is a result of all that pent up anger. The entire action sequence is unbelievable. This is paired with bad visual effects.

Amid this we have Pushpa, who is the female lead of the film. In Karthik’s words, she is “only a practice pitch who helps him excel at performing at the actual tournament,” when he is about to meet another girl at an arranged meeting. Undignified, uncomfortable and angry - this reaction could have been appreciated. What do we get instead? Pushpa wanting to be his practice pitch and tournament both. No kidding. This is how she reacts. Apparently she has fallen so much in love with him that she has to lie to girl who is arranged to marry and lies about his character.

This is then followed by lying to Karthik about his misbehavior towards her when he was drunk. Of course this is her manipulating him into liking her. Weird enough, it works. There is a pretty song dance sequence and then Karthik gets to know the truth. He then yells at her for lying to the girl he was set to marry because his family was disrespected.

Now, you think about the actual plot of the movie which is goes on the overdrive because of all the forced humour and not very breezy romance scenes. How he transforms from a family man to a fierce (more like thuggish) cop is said in exactly 10 mins before the interval.

The plot unravels only after Sathya, an Economics gold medalist and activist fighting for the betterment of people is killed. He is the son of an employee in Karthik’s firm. Coincidentally his sister who is witness to this incident puts Karthik face to face with his nemesis Irfan.

Then the entire film moves too fast, too soon. From Karthik the cop in the past to the present, his connection to Irfan, his life when he was in Hyderabad is narrated with vigour on screen.

So much so, one of Karthik’s punch dialogue is, “If you are the lion of Muzaffarpet, then I am Global Warming.” The reckless man is feared by every other cop, including his boss portrayed by Murali Sharma. After all, he shoots criminals who don’t know the answer to mathematical equations.

So many characters are introduced in the film and left hanging. Suhasini Maniratnam plays the role of a mother of a murdered daughter, who fights for justice. Seerat Kapoor as Divya is the other female actor paired opposite Karthik. She is not put through comparisons between tournaments or practice pitches, she is just ignored because Karthik is too busy with his duty. So busy that he doesn’t attend his engagement ceremony.

The film doesn’t move forward, it is scattered and all that the director has managed to do is stitch together a few emotional sequence, song and dance, and villain who doesn’t have any impact on the script.

This Ravi Teja film is another addition to the long list of senseless action comedy that the actor has come to excel at. Faulty logic, bad visual effects combined with lazy writing has numerous moments that defies not just logic, but is devoid of common sense as well.

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First Published: Feb 02, 2018 14:42 IST