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All about Bryan Adams' Indian concert

The rock star sends a detailed list of requirements to organisers for his India tour next week.

music Updated: Jan 21, 2011 02:10 IST

No stretch limos, no air conditioners, no florescent lights in his room. Just a week before rock legend Bryan Adams sets foot in India to kick off his series of live concerts, organisers of the tour are going into a tizzy with his demands.

“Adams has made some very specific requests — no cups for coffee, only mugs; only a sedan for his personal use, and that the barricades be placed not further than 1.2 m from the stage when he performs,” says a source from the organising team. The icon has also requested for 100 white towels for his 38-member crew. Apart from this, he has insisted on adjustable incandescent lighting and windows in his room, “as he does not like closed rooms,” adds the source. Adams, a strict vegetarian, will be accompanied by his personal chef on the tour.

Each of the concerts — in Delhi (Feb 15), Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad — will be followed by a party. The singer has also specified that the stage on which he performs, must be able to withstand a minimum weight of 250 kgs per sq metre. The reason: his equipment weighs around 10,000kgs. An entire charter plane will be used for its transportation.

• Forklifts will be used in this event.
• His band will do a full fledged sound check a day before the show.
• He has requested 100 white towels for the crew.
• He has requested for windows in his room which open to the outside as he does not like closed rooms without windows.
• Each concert will follow a hospitality party, as requested by him.
• He does not like florescent lights in his rooms. He specially requested for adjustable incandescent lighting.
• He does not like the AC of his room or his car to be switched on. Does not use it till necessary.
• His touring crew includes 16 people. Out of the 16 people in his touring crew, 4 are vegetarian. He being a strict vegetarian will have his personal chef travel alongwith him.
• The band loves using mugs for coffee . No cups please.
• The stage he will be using has been designed by Bryan Leitch and Ewan McRobb.
• The band requests that for the standing audience , the barricades must not be further than 1.2 m from the stage. They like to interact with the audience as much as they can.
• For his personal use , a sedan will be used (Mercedes or similar). No stretch limousines , specially conveyed by the tour manager.
• His equipment which will be transported from city to city weighs 10,000 kgs.
• A full charter plane will be used only for the transportation of the equipment alone.
• He will be flying down with a team of 38 members, out of which 25 will be technical engineers. They will just work to make the concert bigger in terms of technology being used, for stage setup LED’s as well as lights and sound.
• Never before in India have such technologies been used in a live concert.
• For the first time , he will be flying down to India with such a big crew.
• The surface of the stage will be required to withstand minimum of 250 kgs per sq meter. Thus special designs are being used for creating these stages.
• On each side of the stage there will be small bi amplified full range speakers, front loaded sub woofers along with small full range speakers.
• His monitor Mix fit is 12’ wide x 8’ deep , 3.5 m x 2.5 m.
• His FOH mix position fits in 8’x8’, 2.5x2.5 m.
• Amplifiers which will be used will be Vox AC 30 Amplifier #5305N, Marshall JTM45 Amp, Vox AC 30 Amplifier #6592N, Marshall JTM45 Amp, S.V.T Bass amp s/n 707129375 , S.V.T Bass amp s/n BJNQ70060.
• First time in India stealth LED s will be used. These are being flown from UK specially for this concert.