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‘I’m tired of computers’

Berlin’s much-talked-about electronica artiste, Apparat, comes to India without his Macbook; bringing his guitar and vocals to stage.
Hindustan Times | By Megha Mahindru, Mumbai
UPDATED ON AUG 25, 2012 04:27 PM IST

Sascha Ring’s creative genius has invited comparisons with the likes of Coldplay and Sigur Rós. However, the German artiste, better known by his stage name Apparat, couldn’t care less. “I’m not a big fan of putting music in categories. We live in a world full of music and, after 40 years of pop culture, it’s all about combining the best things. For me, it’s about getting something using old ingredients, but if you just copy, it’s wrong,” says Ring.

This weekend, Apparat, whose songs have featured on TV series such as Breaking Bad and Skins, will perform in the city, not as a solo artiste, but with a four-piece band. He has been touring with them since he released his fourth album, The Devil’s Walk, in 2011. “India has been a white spot on my map. I’ve wanted to come, with time to see the country. Now we are coming to play, so it’ll be a different way to see the place,” says Ring, who recently composed music for a play based on Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

“It was a good experience and the music was the base for my next studio album,” he adds about his work with Modeselektor as part of gonzo electro super group, Moderat.

This week, Ring will perform without his long-time companion, his Macbook. Ask him if he would rather be seen with his guitar than his laptop and he says, “To be honest, I’m a bit tired of computers. I just don’t want to f**k around with a software for three days to generate a sound. I can’t understand people who have “their sound” and keep it for decades. It’d drive me crazy.”

Ask him what he feels about playing his music to a seated audience and he says, “This album isn’t for a dance floor. I guess I’m a bit beyond this. I don’t make music for a purpose — I try to get a song idea out of my brain in its purest and most honest shape. That’s what makes it emotional.”

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