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My audacity of hope

Luke Kenny put together best-of-the-year lists in music. Read on to know more.

music Updated: Dec 27, 2010 14:49 IST
Luke Kenny
Luke Kenny
Hindustan Times

Compliments of the season to everyone.I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas and are gearing up for the New Year madness. Normally, I would put together best-of-the-year lists in music, but I feel they are mostly redundant for the average Indian music listener of today.

Who follows lists anymore? Definitely not you guys! Most of you will listen to what you like anyway, regardless of whoever says what is good or not. Metal fans won’t listen to the best jazz album of 2010 and indie fans won’t go for a hip-hop album either. And of course, the hardcore club children will almost never be swayed by all the stellar, singer-songwriter albums that hit the airwaves this year.

luke kennySo all I will say is that I hope 2011 is the year that we all bring back listening to international music in a bigger way. I hope we open up to all genres of music that exist out there. I hope we all delve further into intrinsically discovering and consuming more music history as and when we can.

I hope we develop respect for each other’s music tastes and create a more listener-friendly music environment. And most of all, I hope Indian independent music artistes work together for the common good and the growth of

the independent music community and make it a formidable and profitable force to reckon with…if I may say so.

English Review
Here’s what you want on your iPod, recommends Luke Kenny

Living Proof
Buddy Guy
Sony Music
One of the shimmering gems in the Blues galaxy brings the magic like no one else. This is Buddy Guy at his best, but then he has never been any less. The opening song is called 74 years young, and believe me, you will agree like your life depends on it. Buddy Guy has been an influence on legends like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix and remains an active touring artiste. And come February, us Mumbai people will have another chance to witness his genius at an upcoming Blues Festival. For now, get this record and hear him burn up the guitar. What’s more, he’s even got Santana and BB King on board for the album.

The Delhi-based band make their major label debut here, and it is a welcoming sign to see labels beginning to put their money where their mouth is. Yet this is their third release, their first being the EP, The Story Begins… and their second follow-up titled Home. This second full-length release, however, contains three bonus tracks from Home, scattered seemingly randomly, yet it fits in seamlessly with the other 11 songs. Check out Time, Brimful, Circles and the titular Easy. This is some intuitive songwriting from a band that raises the standard in their own inimitable way.

O Holy Night
Jackie Evancho
Sony Music
This year’s Susan Boyle, though Evancha is on the other side of the age spectrum. Another America’s Got Talent discovery who is just 10 years old, but has the largest selling Christmas album this year. This record is a four song EP, which follows on the heels of last year’s debut, Prelude To A Dream. And although this voice is only ten, it boggles the mind to hear the maturity and confidence with which she manifests her talent. Get this for the season now, and later go back and discover her debut album. I predict this voice will become a representative of her generation to come. All we need are the songs.

127 Hours (OST)
AR Rahman
One of this year’s acclaimed films and Danny Boyle’s follow-up to Slumdog Millionaire sees him partner with AR Rahman once again to bring the peril and desolation of 127 Hours, a true story of trapped mountaineer Alan Ralston. And listening to this album only further emphasises how fantastic a composer Rahman really is. His love for classical composition, which has been evident in his earlier commercial work, is much on display here. There are a few non-Rahman selections here as well, which serve as song-tracks. But none of them detract from the smooth melancholy that sets up this soundscape so magnificently. Check out Acid darbari and If I rise that features Dido.

First Published: Dec 27, 2010 12:19 IST