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The AAP Playlist: songs of the aam aadmi

Celebration requires music, and the recent electoral sucess of the Aam Aadmi Party asks for a shout-out. Here's your playlist, capturing the struggle of the Common Man through the years, via songs that you know and love.

music Updated: Dec 10, 2013 19:50 IST
Abhilasha Chhabra
Abhilasha Chhabra
Aam aadmi party,arvind kejriwal,bollywood

Celebrating Aam Aadmi Party's sensational debut demands a power playlist, to encapsulate and celebrate everything that is the aam aadmi and everything the struggle and this win means for us.

Aam Aadmi (artist: Sukhwinder Singh, movie: Chala Musaddi Office Office)

This one is a no brainer. The lyrics and the tune form a fine balance, balancing both the passion as well as the frustration of existence and of the movement. The lyrics express frustration and anger towards a ruthless system of exploitation, endless red-tapeism, and dishonest politicians. Sharp analogies and witty commentary, met with a vigorous tune, accurately summarise the angst against the system. The repetitive use of the phrase 'aam admi' also creates a sense of solidarity.

Mehngai Dayain (artist: Raghuveer Yadav, movie: Peepli Live)

A smooth transition from the first track, this song mocks and laments the ridiculously high cost of living, from over-priced sugar to almost unaffordable petrol and diesel. This is another song that perfectly captures the frustration of the aam aadmi, the exhaustion of making just the very ends meet while increased expenditure or mehngai eats away at you.

Dil Ka Haal Sune Dilwala (artist: Manna Dey, movie: Shree 420)

This timeless classic through its catchy, almost cheery melody mocks the way the police and government exploit the helpless and poor. Manna Dey's voice and Raj Kapoor's performance add layers to the song, which paints -- with bright colours -- a very dark picture. Raj Kapoor's character sings about how poverty is not just his current state but his destiny; and how he has to come to terms with it in a system that refuses to acknowledge him and others in his situation.

Mehngai (artist: Kailash Kher ft Abhay Deol, movie: Chakravyuh)

The next track features the return of the angry aam aadmi. A fast, edgy song, the following section of the lyrics capture the essence of the song: Aam aadmi ki jeb ho gayi hai safachat / Sarbat ki tarah desh ko gatka hai gatagat. This song calls out corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who just want to make money and attain power at the cost of the common man.

Satyagraha Raghupati Raghav (artists: Rajiv Sundaresan,Shivam Pathak and Shweta Pandit, movie: Satyagraha)

What could be more apt for this playlist, but a song from a movie that was inspired by the movement started by Anna Hazare? This song contains the fury of a non-violent revolution, scattered with lyrics of Raghupati-Raghava, a song we all associate with Gandhi. This is interspersed with lyrics about a dissatisfied janta who now knows that they can't, and shan't, take injustice lightly anymore, and is finally fighting for themselves.

Rubaroo (artists: AR Rahman, Naresh Iyer, movie: Rang De Basanti)

This iconic track represents the precipice we stand at right now, with our still unquenched thirst for justice. It represents the inspiration the movement has given us, to be able to actually cause change, to be able to finally make a difference. Finally, this song represents a future that we clearly see and are willing to march towards.

First Published: Dec 10, 2013 19:02 IST