Furious Jwala Gutta takes on trolls, says she never cribs about awards

Jwala Gutta is angry after people trolled her on social media for venting frustration over being snubbed for Padma awards again.

other sports Updated: Feb 09, 2017 16:00 IST
Jwala Gutta,badminton,Padma awards
Jwala Gutta is a former bronze medal winner at the badminton World Championships.(HT Photo)

Jwala Gutta, India’s top women’s doubles shuttler, has often found herself in the news for wrong reasons. Not known to hold back on expressing her opinion, the 33-year-old Gutta once again courted controversy when she was ignored for the Padma Shri for the third time.

In the past she had raised objection on her exclusion from the TOP scheme for Rio Olympics-bound athletes and then when she asked for a specialist doubles coach.

However, Gutta, the first Indian women’s doubles shuttler to win medals at the Commonwealth Games, has hit out at her trolls for voicing her opinion on the Padma Shri snub.

“I see my social media and a lot of people say, ‘Jwala you keep cribbing and complaining’. People don’t realise that cribbing is like ‘mujhe yeh nahi mil raha, who nahi mil raha’. It is a about materialistic things. I am not a cribber,” Gutta told Hindustan Times on Wednesday.

Gutta justified her comments following the Padma Shri snub. “When I asked for a coach for the doubles, it is for all the doubles players of the country and not for myself,” she said.

“I questioned the system of Padma Shri. It is not just for myself but for others as well to know why do people actually get Padma Shri. People still don’t know to whom is Padma Shri given. The award is for the years of hard work and the contribution. It is not just about one or two achievements. But people don’t know why it is given for. People are just getting Padma Shri just like that nowadays,” the feisty shuttler said.

Gutta was trolled heavily on the social media for questioning the award system. “It is so easy to pass a comment without realising or analysing what he or she might be going through. And it is even easier nowadays because we live in a social media world.

“The people don’t see the agony or years of struggle. I have contributed for Indian badminton for nearly a decade which wasn’t easy. People don’t realise this… they just sit back and comment. That way at least I have done a lot more than them.

“I don’t blame them because the society has become like that. If you ask for better roads, electricity or clean water, you are not cribbing. It is your right to question the government. But people have become so negative and cynical. Everyone has just become very selfish.

No one can say I live on my own. We live in a society. You don’t clean the roads or dump our own garbage. There is someone doing it for you for which we have to be thankful. But people don’t realise this and are only busy criticising others,” she said.

First Published: Feb 09, 2017 15:49 IST