Premier Badminton League 2018, Pune 7 Aces vs Hyderabad Hunters: Sindhu beats Marin as HYD clinch Tie 1

Preview: The fourth season of Premier Badminton League (PBL) promises to be a notch higher from the previous editions with the addition of Pune 7 Aces, making it in a 9-team affair. The upcoming edition of the badminton league will feature an impressive total of 90 players from 17 nations, that includes eight Olympic medallists and eight players ranked in top 10 vying for the top honours and the coveted PBL trophy. The 23-day extravaganza will be played across five venues, with Ahmedabad and Pune hosting matches for the first time. Follow Pune 7 Aces vs Hyderabad Hunters highlights below -

Premier Badminton League 2018 live updates, Pune 7 Aces vs Hyderabad Hunters(AP)
Premier Badminton League 2018 live updates, Pune 7 Aces vs Hyderabad Hunters(AP)
Updated on Dec 22, 2018 11:26 PM IST
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23:25 hrs IST

Hyderabad thrash Pune

The Korean pair manage to maintain the Hunters’ winning streak as they defeat Ivanov/Line in straight games 15-14, 15-11. Hyderabad won all their five matches on the night as they blanked Pune by a comprehensive margin.

23:16 hrs IST

Hyderabad duo lead in the second half

23:09 hrs IST

Hyderabad take the first game on the last match

23:00 hrs IST

Fast start for the Hunters again

22:51 hrs IST

Final match of the night

The last match is the Mixed Doubles category between Vladimir Ivanov & Line Kjaersfelf against Kim Sa rang & Eom Hye Won.

22:45 hrs IST

Sindhu wins

PV Sindhu keeps her nerves under check and wins the final game 15-13. Hyderabad had already clinched the Tie with wins in the first three matches but Sindhu’s win was an icing on top of the cake. Sindhu wins 8-15, 15-8, 15-13.

22:39 hrs IST

Marin levels the decider

Carolina Marin is taking the attack to Sindhu with her brilliant all-round court play and she has now levelled the match at 11-11 in the decider. Whosover gets to 15 first , wins the match.

22:34 hrs IST

Sindhu lead by two points at the break

Carolina Marin won four points on the run to give Sindhu the scare but the Indian held on and went into the break with a lead of 8-6. This match is going to go right through the wire.

22:28 hrs IST

Sindhu takes early lead in decider

Sindhu is consolidating her lead in the match as she now leads 5-2 in the final game. Marin is making few uncharacteristic unforced errors and that is helping Sindhu.

22:22 hrs IST

Sindhu wins the second game

Carolina Marin had no answers to Sindhu’s might as the Spaniard was blown away by the India. Sindhu takes the second game 15-8 to force the match into the decider.

22:17 hrs IST

Sindhu thwarts Marin’s fightback

Marin won a point quickly after the break but Sindhu kept her fightback in check by winning few points on the run. Sindhu now leads 11-4.

22:14 hrs IST

Sindhu leads at the break

Sindhu has completely dismantled Marin in the second game so far as she heads into the break with a comprehensive lead of 8-2. It seems that we will head into the decider for the third time today.

20:10 hrs IST

Great start by Sindhu in second game

PV Sindhu seem to be different player altogether in the second game as she has raced away to a 5-0 lead in the match. Marin has made one unforced error but rest of the points have been the brilliance of Sindhu.

22:06 hrs IST

Marin wins first game

Marin proved to be too good for Sindhu in the end as she takes the first game 15-11. A couple of unforced errors didn’t help Sindhu’s cause as she was let Marin run away with the game in the end.

22:02 hrs IST

Players going neck and neck

Marin is keeping her lead intact with some brilliant court play but Sindhu is not letting her go out of sight with the help of her stinging smashes. But Marin still leads 12-10 in the first game.

21:56 hrs IST

Marin heads into the break with a lead

Sindhu had extended her lead to 7-5, courtesy of her good net play. She kept moving Marin around the court to have the upper hand in rallies. But Marin hit back to back smashes to level the game at 7-7. Then, she hit one more smash to head into the interval with a 8-7 lead.

21:51 hrs IST

Great start by both the players

Sindhu and Marin are locked at 3-3 in the opening exchanges of the first game and it shows that both of them are taking this match rather seriously. Marin’s good court play is being matched by Sindhu’s powerful shots.

21:45 hrs IST

What the superstars had to say

Sindhu: Looking forward to the support and we are going to enjoy the match. Marin: We will try to do our best in front of the Indian crowd.

The players are out on the court and the match will begin shortly.

21:40 hrs IST

Sindhu vs Marin

This is one of the most storied match-ups in world badminton at the moment. Marin and Sindhu are the reigning Olympics gold and silver medallists respectively and they will now fight it out for their teams in Mumbai. Brace yourselves folks as it is going to a titanic clash once more.

21:32 hrs IST

Lee wins, Hunters on fire

Hyderabad have won their third match on the trot and they are in a very strong position to win the tie. Lee wins 15-14, 15-12 to consolidate their position. Up next is the blockbuster clash between PV Sindhu and Carolina Marin.

21:16 hrs IST

Lee wins first game

Hyderabad Hunters are setting the tone on the opening day as another of their players are shining brightly in Mumbai. Lee wins the first game 15-14 and Hyderabad are closing in on a victory in the second trump match of the day.

21:09 hrs IST

Lee Hyun survives Leverdez rally

Lee Hyun had won four consecutive points to take a 7-3 lead against Leverdez and was closing on a good lead at the break. But the Pune star hit back and made it a close affair as Lee went into the break with a slender lead of 8-7.

21:00 hrs IST

Second men’s singles match to begin

Hyderabad is being represented by Lee Hyun IL while Pune has sent out Brice Leverdez of France for the tie. So far, Hyderabad have dominated the proceedings and if they win this match as well, Pune’s chances of making this match will be all but over as this is also a trump match.

20:52 hrs IST

Kim and Bodin win a close encounter

At one point Shetty and Boe were down at 6-12 in the decider but they forced their way and made it 14-13. But the Hyderabad duo kept their nerve and won the point to win the match. Hyderabad win their second tie of the night. Pune are at minus one now while Hyderabad are at three points, courtesy of them winning this trump round.

20:43 hrs IST

Hyderabad surge ahead

For the third time in the match, Hyderabad go into the break with a lead. Kim Sa and Bodin have opened up a 3-0 lead in the final game and are in the driver’s seat to win the match.

20:36 hrs IST

Hunters win second game

Kim Sa and Bodin simply blew away their counterparts in the second game and kept a hold of their advantage right till the final rally. Hyderabad win the second game 15-10 to force the match into the decider.

20:28 hrs IST

Hunters hit back

Hyderabad duo Kim Sa and Bodin go into the break with a healthy lead at 8-4. But they can’t committ the mistake of taking things lightly as in the first game also they had take the lead but eventually lost the game.

20:21 hrs IST

Aces turned the game on its head

Shetty and Boe held their nerves and won the first game 15-13 in stunning style. It was the Hyderabad duo who were leading at the interval but Aces turned up just when it mattered the most to take the game.

20:16 hrs IST

Teams going neck and neck

Pune duo have issued a good fight back and after the break, they are giving good competition to their counterparts. The first game is now locked at 12-12.

20:11 hrs IST

Hyderabad duo lead at the break

Kim Sa and Bodin have opened up a decent lead in the first game and they are 8-4 ahead at the interval. Shetty and Boe are struggling to keep up at the moment.

20:02 hrs IST

Doubles clash begins

Pune’s Chirag Shetty and Mathias Boe take on Kim Sa Rang and Bodin Issara of Hyderabad in the first doubles match of the tournament.

19:56 hrs IST

Lakshya loses in a nail-biting encounter

The game was locked at 14-14 and Caljouw won the first match of the tournament courtesy of an unforced error from Lakshya. It was a stunning effort from the 17-year-old and he gave the World Number 35 a real scare. But going into the doubles match, Hyderabad lead 1-0.

19:49 hrs IST

Caljouw fights back

The Dutchman is winning points at regular intervals after the break and he has levelled the game a 10-10 now. Lakshya has hit couple of unforced errors and that has helped Caljouw getting back in the match.

19:44 hrs IST

Lakshya leads at the break

Lakshya Sen has opened up a big lead at the interval in the third game. He leads 8-3 and if he keeps on going like this after the break, Aces will take a 1-0 lead in the tie.

19:41 hrs IST

Good start by Lakshya again

Pune’s Lakshya has started the third game in a great fashion as he races away to 5-0 lead. The youngster needs to keep this going as he let the lead slip in the second game and he lost that eventually.

19:36 hrs IST

Lakshya fights back but Clajouw levels match

Down and out in the game, the 17-year-old issued a stunning fight back and from 7-12 down, he reached 12-13 in the second game. A failed review from Caljouw meant the game headed for a close finish now. But the Dutchman held his nerved and won two back to back points to take the second game 15-12.

19:30 hrs IST

Caljouw dominates second game

Lakshya’s play is being plagued by some unforced errors and he is now trailing 7-12 in the second game. While Lakhya’s forehand winners (9) is more than Caljouw’s (8) at the moment, it is the Dutchman’s defensive play that is helping him keep his lead intact.

19:25 hrs IST

Caljouw leads at the break

The Dutchman has finally come to the party and he leads 8-6 at the break in second game. While Lakshya is doing well to keep up with his counterpart, Caljouw’s experience is keeping him ahead at the moment.

19:20 hrs IST

Lakshya starts well but Caljouw hits back

The Indian has once again started brightly as he take a 4-0 lead in the second game. But Caljouw has also hit back in the stunning fashion as he wins four points on the go to make it 4-4. Great badminton on display in Mumbai currently.

19:15 hrs IST

Lakshya takes first game

India’s Lakshya Sen has stunned the world number 35 and he takes the first game 15-10. Caljouw hasn’t seemed settled yet and he keeps on getting beaten by Lakshya’s great cross-court play.

19:10 hrs IST

Lakshya surges ahead

The 17-year-old has now opened up a big lead over his Dutch counterpart and Caljouw is struggling to deal with his forehand winners. Lakshya then hits a stunning smash to lead 14-9.

19:06 hrs IST

Erratic start by both the players

Lakshya and Caljouw are locked at 6-6 in the opening exchanges of the match. However, there have been few unforced errors from the two players early on and to add insult to injury, the Dutchman has had a service error called against him as well. Lakshya lead 8-6 at the break.

19:00 hrs IST

First match about to begin

Pune’s Lakshya Sen take on Hyderabad’s Mark Caljouw in the first match of the day. The two players are making their respective PBL debuts today. Lakshya is ranked 109 in the world while Caljouw is 35th.

18:56 hrs IST

How the matches will be played today

This the how the five matches will be played on the inaugural day of the PBL.

18:51 hrs IST

Tournament format

The league will see nine teams — Delhi Dashers, Ahmedabad Smash Masters, Awadhe Warriors, Bengaluru Raptors, Mumbai Rockets, Hyderabad Hunters, Chennai Smashes, North Eastern Warriors and Pune 7 Aces — slugging it out for a prize purse of Rs 6 crore in five cities with the inaugural rounds being held in Mumbai, followed by Hyderabad Pune, Ahmedabad and semis and finals in Bengaluru.

18:43 hrs IST

Match format

A total of five matches will be played in one tie - two men’s singles, one women’s singles, one mixed doubles and one doubles. The biggest match-up of day one will be between Pune’s Carolina Marin and Hyderabad’s PV Sindhu

18:30 hrs IST

Hello and welcome

A very warm welcome to the live blog of the Premier Badminton League match between Pune 7 Aces vs Hyderabad Hunters. The 23-day even starts today and the first match will be played in Mumbai between the two teams.

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