A different lens: Photography with a mission by Vijay S Jodha

A series called The First Witnesses by photographer Vijay Jodha, 55, recently co-won the best photo series award given out

Updated on Oct 15, 2021 08:29 AM IST 7 Photos

Born to Perform: Part of a four-year-old and ongoing photo project shot in India and aboard with performing artists from 20 countries. Chinese ballet dancer Ma Li has one arm while Zhai Xiaowei has one leg but together they have performed all over the world.(Photo: Vijay S Jodha)

Joys of Christmas: From a series on migrant itinerants selling inexpensive items in central Delhi during Christmas for tiny margins.(Photo: Vijay S Jodha)

Most of My Heroes: From an art project against mob violence. A series of poster-size faux stamps featuring forgotten victims of mob violence. Jaspal Singh was a baby murdered during the 1984 anti-Sikh violence. The zero value on the stamps indicates the value attached to such lost lives in India.(Photo: Vijay S Jodha)


Kashmir: Close to the Line of Control between India and Pakistan, a group of Kashmiri children try to spot their village on a globe gifted to their school by a visiting NGO.(Photo: Vijay S Jodha)

V Mary holds up an image of her late father, Anthony Swamy. This is from the award-winning First Witnesses series that uses the frame-within-a-frame to memorialise Indian farmers who have died by suicide, and their loved ones.(Photo: Vijay S Jodha)