Photos: 10 new museums to visit in India

Fossils, smugglers, coin machines, rare gems, revolutionaries and so much more to see as a slew of museums open across

Published on Aug 19, 2022 07:54 PM IST 10 Photos

A view inside Joint Replacement Museum in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The non-profit Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons opened India’s first arthroplasty museum this year. Some 200 exhibits, dating from the 1970s onward, chart how the field has evolved. Drop in to learn about complicated case studies and best practices.  (Picture courtesy: Joint Replacement Museum)

A view of Mandro Fossil Park at Rajmahal Hills in Jharkhand. Here, stones play out Earth's history. The 95-acre forested zone has fossils that are 145 to 200 million years old. The central attraction: a 140-million-year-old plant fossil, preserved in a giant boulder, that might be the key to understanding how early plants evolved into the ones we know today. (Picture courtesy: Mandro Fossil Park)

Dharohar GST Museum in Panaji, Goa. India’s only museum dedicated to custom duties, trade taxation and GST has a Battle of Wits gallery which chronicles how gold, guns, drugs, antiquities and wildlife were seized from smugglers over the decades. A new gallery charts the two-decade journey of GST. On display: The actual buzzer used in Parliament when the GST bill was turned into law.  (Picture courtesy: Dharohar GST Museum)


A visitor at the Museum of Possibilities in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Dedicated to the differently and specially abled, this museum has a café with counters at varying heights and suction-cup crockery for those who need it. The toilets are wheelchair-enabled. The Live, Work, Play sections feature musical instruments, boardgames, literature and software adapted for the differently abled. Check out the tactile surfaces for the visually challenged, beds and shelves at wheelchair-enabled levels, remote-controlled and voice-activated devices, sliding doors for greater ease.  (Picture courtesy: Museum of Possibilities)

A view inside Museo Camera in Gurugram, Haryana. Check out their collection of more than 2,500 cameras and photographic equipment from the 1850s onward. Also displayed are rare pictures from Partition and an ongoing group show in which contemporary photographers mark 75 years of India's independence. If you love photography, this is a peek into what happens behind the scenes. (Sanjeev Verma / HT Photo)