Photos: Snapshots from a pandemic-era Mumbai

Slowly, Mumbai city is opening up, inching back to a semblance of its bustling, busy, beloved self, with lessons for

Published on Jul 08, 2021 08:38 PM IST 8 Photos

In the Crawford Market area, where there’s a corner and a street for everything you could think of, the bustle looks almost completely normal, until you notice the masks (even if most are worn poorly, on the chin).(Bhushan Koyande / HT Photo)

Azad Maidan is eerily calm on a weekday afternoon. Even the grass is growing untrampled in the monsoon. (Pratik Chogre / HT Photo)

A few stragglers wait for a bus or rickshaw at the Bandra railway station. Commuting has become both easier and more difficult, as crowds thin but trains remain off limits to most and buses continue to restrict the number of passengers.(Satish Bate / HT Photo)


Beaches and parks are open only for a few hours each day. Social distancing remains in force.(Satish Bate / HT Photo)

On a Mumbai Metro skywalk, the thinned crowds are in stark contrast with normal rush hour, when the throngs would be a busy blur.(Satish Bate / HT Photo)