5 amazing benefits of mishri or rock sugar

From better digestion to easing nausea, check out some amazing benefits of eating rock sugar. 

Updated on Dec 22, 2022 07:01 PM IST 7 Photos

"Mishri/Sita is an unrefined form of natural sugar and is highly praised for its medicinal qualities. It is considered the best natural sugar with versatility," says, Dr. Varalakshmi, Ayurvedic Doctor and Wellness Coach, in her recent Instagram post. She further shared some amazing benefits of eating mishri. (depositphoto)

Mishri is formed from sugar cane sap that is boiled and diluted and left to crystallise naturally. Sometimes milk is also added during the process to make it white. Crystallised red or white one with thread are authentic and pure rock sugar.(depositphoto)

Mishri is lighter to digest than normal sugar due to the addition of water. It has subtle sweetness than white sugar for the same reason.(depositphoto)


Mishri is also a good mouth freshener when used along with fennel. Most Indians have this as after food refreshment. (istockphoto)

Rock sugar works wonders for dry cough that bothers at night. Keeping it inside the mouth and sucking the juice helps in proving relief from dry cough. (Freepik)