Complex PTSD: Alternative strategies and activities to promote healing

From deep breathing to walking in nature, here are a few alternative techniques to regulate emotions.

Published on Dec 02, 2023 05:03 PM IST 6 Photos

Complex PTSD or Complex post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition when a person experiences the symptoms of PTSD with additional symptom. " Mindfulness is often promoted as a key strategy in healing from trauma, especially Complex PTSD. But we understand that traditional mindfulness exercises may not always resonate with everyone, particularly those who've experienced chronic trauma," wrote Therapist Linda Meredith. Here are a few alternative strategies to promote healing.(Unsplash)

Grounding techniques such as the 5-4-3-2-1 technique help us to be more present in the moment rather than focusing on distressing thoughts. (Unsplash)

Participating in support groups or therapy helps us to address our difficult emotions and create a safe space.(Unsplash)


We can engage in creative expression of our emotions – be it dancing or painting. A hobby helps us to express ourselves better. (Unsplash)

A walk in nature, barefoot in grass helps us to feel more grounded in the moment and calms the nervous system. (Unsplash)