Why do we crave sweets? Dietitian answers

From poor sleep to stress, here are a few reasons why we crave sweets.

Published on Oct 29, 2023 06:00 AM IST 6 Photos

Often, we feel that we are craving sweets and the urge to consume sweets is uncontrollable. However, this can be associated with a lot of reasons. "Understanding why it can happen can help you reduce your cravings, make more intentional choices, and feel more in control around food," wrote Dietitian Samantha Cassetty as she explained the reasons of sweet cravings.(Unsplash)

Often sugar acts on the brain pathways in the same way that addictive substances do. Hence, having sugar can feel like a reward. (Unsplash)

If we are not sleeping well, it makes us crave sugar more and delays our dullness signals, making us hungrier. (Unsplash)


Stress acts as a catalyst for sugar cravings. When we are stressed, we crave sugar more. (Unsplash)

Being stuck in a habit cycle can also make us crave sugar. When we are used to having sweets at a particular time of the day, we get into the cycle. (Unsplash)