World Environment Day 2022: Beauty tweaks that will help you save the planet

Taking care of our skin and our body is something everyone does and if nurturing it is going to cause

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While the need of the hour is to save the planet, it is important that each of us take small steps in our own immediate surroundings to help us better this planet that is our only home. Taking care of our skin and our body is something everyone does and if nurturing it is going to cause damage to the environment, then one needs to relook at the products that we use. While thinking of the environment, the prime factors that occur to us is the air, water and soil. (RODNAE Productions)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Merin Liza Jacob, Co-Founder of Green And Beige, told Zarafshan Shiraz, “While using propellant based personal care products like body sprays and deodorants can be damaging to the air quality, the manufacture of some ingredients can also release noxious fumes that can be damaging to the air. Any environment conscious costumer would steer clear of such products and ingredients.” (HONG SON)

She added, “In terms of soil and water contamination, the effect of beauty products is profound as every skincare product is eventually washed off to be discharged into the soil or water. Effluent treatment plants seldom can degrade some components especially if they are not biodegradable or they combine with other ingredients to produce compounds that cannot be broken down easily. Such ingredients eventually accumulate in soil and water and turn them toxic and nonviable.” (cottonbro)


Dr Merin Liza Jacob advised, “It is important therefore for consumers to be aware of products that are clean on the environment and ask for ingredients that are biodegradable. Also, while looking for natural ingredients, we need to look out for sustainable sourcing of the same.” (Anna Shvets)

She concluded, “Erasing large areas of forest cover in order to produce natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin, is not something that would agree with the conscience of any conscious consumer. Rampant overuse of certain tubers and rhizomes for their deemed benefits can lead to over-cultivation and rendering of the soil spent and redundant in the long run. Becoming conscious and aware and turning to clean beauty is best thing one can do to save the environment.” (olia danilevich)




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