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Pune police break into flat to find IT engineer, wife, child dead

Jayeshkumar was a software engineer working with a company named ‘Q Logic’ at the Kharadi IT Park.

pune Updated: Jan 20, 2018 14:21 IST
Shrinivas Deshpande
Shrinivas Deshpande
Hindustan Times, Pune
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A family portrait of Jayeshkumar Patel, his wife Bhumika and their son Akshay, Police suspect the family committed suicide.

An IT software engineer along with his wife and son, were found dead inside their apartment at Basant Bahar housing society, Baner, late on Thursday night, Pune police said.

According to the police report, Jayeshkumar Patel, 34, and his wife his wife Bhumika Patel, 30, were found lying on the floor with ropes tied around their necks. Their son Akshay, 4, was also found lying dead on the floor.

Jayeshkumar was a software engineer working with a company named ‘Q Logic’ at the Kharadi IT Park.

According to police, when Jayeshkumar did not report to work for the last few days, a colleague of his contacted someone in the housing society. Neighbours then noticed that the flat, B/204, was not opened for the last couple of days and informed the Chatushrungi police.

Police entered through the window of the apartment and found the three dead bodies.

Senior police inspector Dayanand Dhome, said, "Prima facie, the family committed suicide and locked the door from the inside. The bodies have been sent to Sassoon hospital for post mortem and we are awaiting the report."

According to police, the son, Akshay Patel, suffered from some physical disability.

Kishanbhai Patel, Jayeshkumar Patel’s father is distraught. He cannot understand what... why... how? “Jayesh shares all his problems with me, but this time he did not,” says the did.

By all prima facie evidence and accounts, according to the Pune Police, Jayeshkumar Patel, 34 and his wife, Bhumika, 30, both committed suicide. Their four-year-old son, Akshay, who suffered a physical abnormality was also found dead when the police broke into their apartment at Basant Bahar Society, Baner, late on Thursday night.

There was nothing in the Patels’ lives to suggest a reason for suicide, according to Jayeshkumar’s colleagues and the family’s neighbours.

As a software engineer working at ‘Q Logic’, an IT company based at the Kharadi IT Park, Jayeshkumar was the picture of the upwardly mobile IT pro, say his colleagues.

The wife, Bhumika, stayed at home to look after the son.

A colleague of Jayaeshkumar who asked to remain anonymous, said, “Jayesh was absolutely fine. He got a good appraisal, bought a flat and everything was going well in life with the perfect family. I met him two weeks ago and he was absolutely normal. Yes, his son was undergoing physiotherapy as one portion of his body was weak .”

When Jayeshkumar remained absent from office without informing for the last three days, a colleague called up a neighbour of Jayeshkumar’s to inquire. The neighbours then raised the alarm and Vishwajeet Saraf, chairman, Basant Bahar Society, informed the police.

Saraf said,”We did not get any response after we knocked on the door. Hence, we called the police.The Patel family shifted into our society in November 2017.Their son was suffering some illness, but both were very sensitive and careful.”

Another resident of Basant Bahar Society, IT engineer Swapnil Chavan, said, “Yes, we know each other personally.Three days earlier, his son Akshay was admitted to hospital because he was facing some health problem, but when I heard about the suicide this morning, I was shocked.”

Police entered the house from a window late on Thursday night and found Jayeshkumar and his wife lying on the floor with ropes around their necks.

Senior police inspector,Dayanand Dhome, said the couple used the ropes to hang themselves.

“Akshay’s post mortem report is awaited.We suspect their son died naturally and this is might be reason for the suicide,” Dhome said.

Police inspector (crime ), Vaishali Galande of Chaturshringi police station said , “ When we entered the flat the son was lying on the floor with foam coming out from his mouth, but he was dead.”

“We are talking to their neighbours and trying to find out if there were some other reasons for the suicide,” Galande said.

Perfect Life

A real estate broker who knew the Patel family spoke on condition of anonymity and said that Jayeshkumar bought an apartment three months ago, around Diwali. “He was financially well off and bought the flat for Rs.80 lakh. There was no reason for him to commit suicide as he was earning well and living a happy and comfortable life. Of course, the couple were concerned about the health of their four-year-old son as he was epileptic and had ailments in hand and legs. “Three days ago Akshay was rushed to hospital following a massive epileptic attack.”

First Published: Jan 20, 2018 14:20 IST