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Are you a very private person?

Do you keep skeletons in your closet and get away with it? Do you not like to share your thoughts? Take this quiz and find out...

sex and relationships Updated: Jun 12, 2012 11:34 IST
dr shweta kansara dr shweta kansara Dr Shweta Kansara
dr shweta kansara dr shweta kansara Dr Shweta Kansara
Hindustan Times

Do you keep skeletons in your closet and get away with it? Take this quiz and find out :

1) After a conflict with someone:
a. You generally keep it to yourself, but it is at the back of your mind.
b. You discuss it with someone close to you.
c. You let the whole world know that you are in a foul mood due to a conflict.

2) When people are sharing their experiences in a casual conversation:
a. You dread to talk about or share your own.
b. You share all events that occurred, but don’t give out all the details.
c.You don’t think it is a big deal to pour your heart out.

3) When a doctors or professional personnel asks for your personal details:
a. You share only what you think it is important.
b. You share information because you think it would only be asked if it was necessary.
c. You share all your details and are completely transparent.

4) People who are related to you:
a. Know less about you than you know about them.
b. Know as much as you know about them.
c. Know almost everything about you, but you haven’t paid much attention to the specifics.

5) You rarely share you inner feelings with the world:
a. No
b. Yes
c. Maybe

Most a’s
You are a private person. You rarely share your feelings with
others. It is difficult for your loved ones to know to what exactly is going on in your life and mind.

Most b’s
You are balanced when it comes to openness and know exactly when to share and when to keep your feelings to yourself.

Most c’s
You are an open book. You appear to be honest about your opinions. At times this honesty could give people the wrong impression about you.

Dos and dont’s
If you find it difficult to communicate, use passive techniques like messaging, texting, mailing or chatting.
Open communication lines by trusting someone close and try to share your feelings with him/her.
Sharing does not make you weak or needy. In fact, It can help you to clear misunderstandings.

First Published: Jun 11, 2012 12:57 IST