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Can God really help us?

Bollywood director Vikram Bhatt digs into the man-God relationship during times of stress.

sex and relationships Updated: Aug 22, 2013 11:29 IST

The media created a big hue and cry over the Bachchans being given preferential treatment at the Tirupati Temple. Some thought it was unfair. Others thought, “One can't expect Amitabh Bachchan and his family to stand in a queue.”

Enough fodder for a discussion on the breakfast table between my parents..the sort that can get out of hand and turn into a raging argument. They tried their best to rope me in but I’ve become wise over the years, never get embroiled in parental conflicts.

For God’s sake An hour later, stranded in my car, staring at the traffic lights, I started thinking, “Why does anyone have to stand in a queue to meet God? What was this relationship we have with God? Why have we always thought that the only way to reach God is through pain and suffering?”

I understand penance. What I don’t understand is..why are we not penitent..why do we need to suffer to make God look at us? The release of a film is always a tense time for any filmmaker. The ‘will it work’ and ‘will it not work’, feeling looms large, God seems to be the only one with the right answers.

Making it work Regardless of the film we’ve made, the story we’ve chosen or the actors we’ve cast, we now make it God's responsibility to make it work. So then, it’s off to the temples all over the country.

My mother is a firm believer in all mothers she can do anything for her son. So a trip to the temple is planned with every release.

But this time she’d decided to walk the 10 kilometers without footwear, in the middle of the night, to reach the temple early in the morning.

I thought it was a little too much. She could surely take the car. The suggestion made my mother really angry. “What did you know about the ways of God?” she said. That shut me up.

Uncaring The trip was made. Prayers were offered but my film flopped. My mother was really upset with God. How could he not listen to her after all that she had done for him? But the real questions are:

When did God ask her to do these things? When has God asked any one of us to do these things? I don't believe God is cruel.

I don't believe God would want us to have bleeding feet, roll on the ground, go hungry or even stand in a long queue in the blazing heat.

That cannot be God!
God, to my mind, is the all-encompassing image of ultimate compassion. God hates it when we suffer. God is the answer to our suffering..then why are we hellbent on making Him the reason for our suffering?

The Bible says that Jesus died for our sins. He suffered for our sins. A God that suffers for us surely cannot demand suffering. Let’s stop this nonsense of senseless appeasement.

All religions only ask us to be better men. That for me, is more difficult than any suffering we bring upon ourselves. It's the road less travelled. But sometimes that makes all the difference.