Follow these 4 tips to improve your dating life

If you feel you are doing everything right but are still not able to impress people, then follow our tips to make good impressions and deeper connections with people to improve your dating life.
Updated on Jul 12, 2019 04:41 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, Delhi | By Shreya Kumar

It’s very important to have a good first impression in both your professional and personal life. Body language is very important in communication and making first impressions. But it is often overlooked with respect to verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is as important as verbal communication for any relationship. As much as we love the quote about beauty lying in the eyes of the beholder, we can’t ignore some physical aspects like body odour, dressing sense and hygiene of a person. These three things are the first few things that our sensory organs experience. Based on that experience our sensory organs help us in forming opinions about people and things. Hence your body language, fragrance and touch can make a lot of difference in someone’s perception about you.

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If you feel you are doing everything right, but are still not able to impress people, then follow our tips to make good impressions and deeper connections with people.

Here are 4 tips to improve your dating life:

1) Good scent and natural touch: In surveys all around the world it has been found that a person wearing a nice perfume is more likely to leave a good and lasting impression than a person not wearing one. Natural touch is also very important in communication, the reason being that touch helps in forming commitment and intimacy. While the scent, can make you nostalgic and trigger feelings. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a nice perfume and incorporate natural touch while talking.

2) Talking is overrated: A person can express so much through their expressions and gestures. You don’t realize it, but your body language tells more about you than you could express through verbal communication. Thus, body language becomes very important to communicate. If you want to show that you are interested in someone then show it by leaning in while the person is talking. It’s good to nod from time to time when someone is talking, it shows that you are listening. Even the tilt of your head tells a lot about your personality, tilting your head to the left makes you look attractive while tilting towards the right means that you are trustworthy.

3) Fake it till you make it: People usually get gravitated towards confident people. If you are comfortable in your skin and are confident then people immediately take a liking towards you. However, if you are not a confident person then you can fake it by wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself. Moreover, making eye contact is also very important to come off as a confident person.

4) Don’t give it all away: Sometimes it’s nice to maintain a mysterious aura around you, that ways you can keep your date interested in you for a longer time. Don’t cover all the topics on the first day itself, because then it leaves something uncovered and new for the next date. And it leaves your date wanting to know more about you.

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