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Friendship endures everything

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt goes down the memory lane and recalls the days spent with his long-lost college friend.

sex and relationships Updated: Aug 22, 2013 12:14 IST
Vikram Bhatt
Vikram Bhatt
Hindustan Times

We are nothing but a collection of memories and most of them have no meaning without friends. My friends have created my memories.. they also remain in most of my memories.

I was shooting for Deewane huye Paagal in Dubai when an old friend of mine heard that I was in town. He hopped across to see me. He was a college friend.. I was meeting him after a long time. It was really sweet. We both came across as ‘so grown up' to each other.

Going down memory lane We discussed our common friends. He was in touch with most of them while I wasn't. He had some information on almost every one.

Then hesitantly I asked, "Hey, what news of Shona, do you have her number?" Shona and I had been the best of friends. We were inseparable in college. Movies, parties, college canteen, the famous blue Open House on linking road.. we hung around together every where.

Heartaches and heartbreaks.. we cried on each other's shoulders. But life has its way of taking you down a road where only one person can go. Shona and I choose different roads. We stopped talking and became strangers.

I'd lost touch with her for years.. 15, to be precise. There were times when I wanted to talk to her and find out what was happening in her life.

But I could never figure out a way to trace her. I even went to the place she lived in during our college days but realised that she had moved away. Now after so many years.. in Dubai of all the places, I'd managed to finally get her cell number.

Reconnected I sent her an sms. "Hi. This is your old friend from school and college. We'd been very good friends. Do you remember me?" Prompt came her response. "I had only one good friend in school and college. Is it you Vikram?"

So many years.. so many twists in our lives.. so many things had changed.. yet nothing seemed to have changed between us. That's the power of old friendship.

It endures everything. I promised her that I would call her when I returned to Mumbai. It did not even feel like so many years had passed us by.

She laughed and told me that she had followed my life through tabloids. I laughed at her insinuation.

Then in the silence that ensued, she said, "Ask me what you want to know about me.. it's okay, we are still friends." I learnt that she'd lost her father.

He was an immensely likeable person. I remembered him so well. I was saddened.

Friends mean a lot She was married and divorced.. it had left her shattered. She had managed to bring her life back on track with sheer grit and determination. She had fought the world on her own and won.

That night, as I lay in bed, I felt both happy and sad. I was happy that I'd got back my friend.. but sad that I wasn't there when she'd needed me the most.

We make emotional investment in friendships and then just let go of them as if they meant nothing. We think we can survive in this world alone.. and then spend our lives trying so hard to prove that to ourselves.

The truth is that every old song that we listen to, every time we pass the old haunts, every time the word college is mentioned.. we think of our friends that we left behind.

First Published: Jun 01, 2007 12:14 IST