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Happy Mother's Day: 15 celeb quotes that sum up the greatness of moms

Because we know you want to let your mom know how much she rocks this Mother's Day, we've rounded up 15 quotes from few famous folks we admire about moms and about motherhood.

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Sanya Panwar
Sanya Panwar
Hindustan Times
Happy Mother's Day,Celeb Quotes,Mother's Day
When celebs moms like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts talk, we listen.(AFP, AP)

When celebs talk, we usually listen. When our fave celeb mammas talk, we listen, carefully. Obviously.

Because we know you want to let your mom know how much she rocks this Mother's Day, and because we're thinking about what we're going to say to our own mothers on Sunday (May 14), we've rounded up 15 quotes from few famous folks we admire about moms and about motherhood.

These quotes are not only meaningful, but also just plain sweet: They’ll leave you perplexed, touched, or rolling on the floor with laughter. But most of all, they’ll make your heart a little warmer.

So, if you're sending mommy a card this year, borrow a phrase from these high-profile folks, who know a little something about motherhood. How's that for some mom-spiration?

1Angelina Jolie
"Sometimes, when I want to take on the world, I try to remember that it's just as important to sit down and ask my son how he's feeling or talk to him about life."

2Nicole Kidman
"My instinct is to protect my children from pain. But adversity is often the thing that gives us character and backbone. It's always been a struggle for me to back off and let my children go through difficult experiences."

3Julia Roberts
On having children with cinematographer Danny Moder (twins Phinnaeus and Hazel and their youngest, Henry): "How lucky we are that we love each other so much that we burst into three pieces."

4Amanda Peet
"One surprise of motherhood for me was how little control I have. I thought it would be a blissful romance with me at the helm, cuddling this little creature. It's been bittersweet and humbling to let her lead and to not try to be perfect myself."

5Jessica Alba
"The time I'm not spending with my kid has to be worth it."

6Salma Hayek
"When Valentina was not even 1 month old, my aunt [gave me the best advice]: 'Put her to sleep yourself every night. Sing to her and cradle her in your arms and sit by her side — every night. Because one day you won't be able to, and it's going to happen really fast."

7Taylor Swift
"My mom and I have always been really close. She's always been the friend that was always there. There were times when, in middle school and junior high, I didn't have a lot of friends. But my mom was always my friend. Always."

8Zac Efron
"My mom is the No. 1 person who has taught me to be courteous towards women, to always be respectful and polite to them, and to always lead with your heart."

9Selena Gomez
"She was really strong around me. Having me at 16 had to have been a big responsibility. My mom gave up everything for me, had three jobs, supported me, sacrificed her life for me."

10Tina Fey
"I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: You go through big chunks of time where you're just thinking, 'This is impossible — oh, this is impossible.' And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible."

11Jamie Lee Curtis
"As a mom, you have to look at how much time you're spending with your kids. There is nothing you will regret more in your life — nothing — than not being present for your children."

12Maria Shriver
"Having kids — the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings — is the biggest job anyone can embark on. As with any risk, you have to take a leap of faith and ask lots of wonderful people for their help and guidance. I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to parent."

"I still don't know how she did it. She always protected us—she would never let us know when we had problems, even financially. I still got to go and get a perm every four weeks."

14Mark Wahlberg
"As far as I'm concerned, there's no job more important on the planet than being a mom."

15Jennifer Aniston
"I remember being seven and asking my mom if I was as pretty as Monique [my best friend in grade school]. And with all the love in the world, my mom looked at me and said, "Oh, honey, you're so funny.' So, she doesn't lie to me...she answers the question by not answering and instead tells me what she thinks is my greatest strength."

There! Proven: We all have stories or sayings we love to share about moms, this time of year. And high-profile celebrities are no different.

So, how will you be showing your mom that you care this Mother's Day? Tell us in the comments.

(You can reach the author on Twitter: @SanyaHoon)

First Published: May 09, 2015 13:49 IST