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In a league of their own

Grandparents act as shock absorbers, and bouncing boards, which help soothe a range of emotions, says Anisha Sharma.

sex and relationships Updated: Aug 22, 2013 13:33 IST
Anisha Sharma
Anisha Sharma
Hindustan Times

Grandparents act as shock absorbers, and bouncing boards, which help to bounce off a range of emotions. The different roles they play emphasise their vital link in the family. With a wealth of ‘old world' experience behind them and the unique ability to metamorphose from advisers and listeners to mediators and friends, they offer great support and stability.

Bridging the gap
They often bridge the gap between parents and their children. Now if you thought all that teenagers do is hang around with their friends, talk on the phone and chat online for hours, think again.

Despite the popular belief that teens don't respect their elders, some have a different story to tell. Many feel close to their grandparents. They feel that they form an integral part of their lives.. they teach and guide, and most importantly pamper them.

A child's bond with his grandparents can withstand any time or place.. that's what makes it the most special bond of all. <b1>

Anita Shahani, mother of two, dispels the myth that the younger generation is devoid of any feeling. "People just make generalised statements, based on a few isolated incidents. My daughters have a wonderful relationship with my husband and me, but also with our parents. They love to spend time with them. Sometimes we complain that our children spend more time with their grandparents than with us."

Story-telling time Anita's daughter, Falguni agrees with this. "My grandparents tell me very interesting stories. I love to listen about the funny things they did when they were of my age. It's not very different from what we do now. It's amazing to hear them reminiscing about the good old days."

Jai Ranjit couldn't get to know his grand parents, except his late maternal grandfather: "He was the only grandparent alive. I spent as much time with him as possible and never missed an opportunity to spend time with him."

However, Jai disagrees with the popular perception of grandparents being mere storytellers. "Everyone has this image of a grandparent sitting on a chair surrounded by children, listening attentively to stories of their lives. With my grandfather, it was so much more. He was passionate about horses, racing and films. He would show me pictures of horses and tried to impart as much knowledge as possible about them to me."

Showtime folks
Jai's grandfather was involved with Hindi films and tagged him along to the sets many times, just to give him a feel of things. He passed away a year ago but Jai still hasn't come to terms with the loss.

First Published: Nov 22, 2007 13:37 IST