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On coffee date

Hindustan Times | ByAruna Rathod, Mumbai
Aug 22, 2013 02:38 PM IST

The coffee date is a casual way to get to know someone. Aruna Rathod offers some tips to jazz up the same.

The coffee date is something all of have experienced. In the city, it is one of the quickest, relatively cheap, and casual way to get to know someone.

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But as relaxed as the coffee date may seem, it can jumpstart a terrific relationship.. or kill it instantly. From filter coffees offered in humble surroundings to cappuccinos in plush settings, the city has a host of choices to have that coffee date. A few tips before embarking on one.

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Appear laid-back.
It's just coffee! That's the appearance you want to give. No pressure, relaxed, ready to meet and chat. "The first time I invited my colleague for coffee, it was just a way of getting to know her better without being pushy," says Shymol Chatterjee. "I decided a Friday as I would be casually dressed."

Choose carefully
If you're the person who suggests the meeting place, make sure it's someplace that will have adequate seating, a comfortable environment and won't be too crowded. "We used to meet in the Udipi hotels as then there were no plush coffee joints, but it was good enough," says Lata Iyer, a travel consultant.

Don't be late
Being late is not fashionable in this case. In fact, be five minutes early if you can and grab a table, preferably one with the sofas in leading coffee bars, so you'll have one less thing to worry about once your date does arrive. "I always choose a place close to my office so that I am on time," says Vinita Chitnis, an office assistant.

Maintain eye contact
Coffee houses can be busy with lots of distractions. The trick is not to get overwhelmed, because those first five minutes are important. "Chances are if you are into each other, then the distractions will not be a put off," adds Shreya Pandit.

Who pays
The general dating rule is ‘the person who asks, pays.' "I love a coffee date because it's affordable," says Ravi Krishnan, an engineering college student.

Don't freak if you can't find a table. If you do have to wait for someplace to sit, don't let it throw you. If possible, find a bench outdoors somewhere, weather permitting, of course. Being calm and flexible will make a good impression, without a doubt.

Don't arrive famished
Don't assume that the date is going to turn into dinner, so don't turn up absolutely starving.

If things are going well, ask if your date would like to share a treat. You can extend the coffee with a snack if you like each other. The offer to have a snack is definitely an indicator to spend more time together.

Do suggest meeting again. If, at the end of the date, you know you two are hitting it off, don't be afraid to suggest another meeting.

If your coffee date agrees to meet again, consider the date a success.

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