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10 Best Nikon cameras in India 2022

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  • Published on Nov 13, 2022 20:31 IST
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For beginner enthusiasts and pros alike, there is a wide variety of cameras available today. Read to know all about Nikon cameras here! Trying to find the best Nikon camera for 2022? You can learn about the top Nikon camera models right here. The best Nikon cameras for beginners, enthusiasts & professionals.

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Best Nikon cameras

Every year, mobile cameras get better, mirrorless cameras get more popular, and you can purchase them all from entry-level DSLRs to the cameras used in sports and the fashion industry. Comparing DSLRs to small and bridge versions is a step forward. When selecting to invest in one DSLR, you should bear in mind that most of the ongoing expenditures will be requiring high-quality lenses that have been compatible with your model as these cameras often arrive as body-only or even with one lens.

Numerous beginners have experienced "real" photography for the first time, thanks to the greatest Nikon cameras, which are also well-liked by enthusiasts and experts. It makes perfect sense to stick with a certain camera brand as you advance both your camera and your photographic abilities. According to your requirements, this article will walk you through the top Nikon cameras for you to choose rightly.

1. Nikon D780

The Nikon D780 uses the Nikon Z6's on-sensor phase detection autofocus, creating a DSLR with live-view autofocus performance comparable to mirrorless cameras. Along with enhanced live view autofocus, the D780 also has high-resolution tilt touchscreen displays, 4K UHD video, two UHS-II memory card ports and continuous shooting rates of up to 12 frames per second in live view mode. That, together with its sturdy construction and cosy handle, make this camera an immediate classic.


  • Model: DSLR
  • Full-frame sensor
  • 24.4 MP
  • Tilting 3.2-inch monitor with 2,359k dots
  • Optical pentaprism used as a viewfinder
  • Speed of continuous shooting: 7/12 fps
  • Maximum video resolution: UHD 4k
  • Very good handling
  • To master, manual live view switching
  • Live view AF quickly
  • Costly while being new
  • Uncut 4K video 

2. Nikon Z30

Nikon has firmly targeted the Z30 towards a vlogger audience with a focus on the simplicity of use for shooting video. Additionally, it is still a very strong still camera. The Z30 delivers perhaps the greatest build quality in its budget range if you're looking for just a specialised point-and-shoot film camera that won't break the bank. The Z30's absence of IBIS, an EVF and 4K 60p may mostly be overlooked by the camera's extremely low price. The Z30 provides the most affordable access to the top Nikon Z lenses if you belong to the age of shooters willing to go without a viewfinder.


  • 20.9MP sensor
  • 4K UHD 30p uncropped video
  • Memory card: SD/SDHC/SDXC, UHS-I LCD: 3-inch touchscreen with a vari-angle, 1040k dots
  • 11 fps maximum burst
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SnapBridge, USB-C, mini-HDMI, and microphone are the accessible connections
  • Superior build quality
  • No jacks for headphones
  • The cheapest Z camera from Nikon
  • The potential of stills is limited by the lack of EVF
  • Correct vari-angle screen 
  • In-body stability is absent

3. Nikon D3500

The entry-level D3500 DSLR from Nikon sports a 24.2MP sensor that rivals those found in cameras costing twice as much, and it delivers a very respectable 5fps continuous shooting performance for a beginner camera. The D3500 contains all the manual settings you have to know about photography when you advance your talents, but the Guide mode will assist novices in getting started and understanding the fundamentals. Although it is occasionally offered for a little less with just a non-VR (non-stabilised) kit lens, getting the VR version is well worth the extra cost.


  • Model: DSLR
  • APS-C CMOS sensor; 24.2MP total pixels
  • 3-inch fixed, 921K dots monitor
  • 5fps for continuous shooting
  • Optical pentamirror viewfinder
  • Maximum 1080p video resolution
  • Great image quality
  • Fixed screen not touch-sensitive
  • The neat retracting kit lens
  • Very expensive 
  • Beginner friendly

4. Nikon Z FC

This gorgeous camera is among the top entry-level to mid-range models available, and it looks nice too. The Nikon Z FC is a very powerful camera for picture creators of all stripes, even if it lacks some capabilities like just a built-in flash. It has APS-C sensors and a smart CPU. It costs a bit more than its stablemate, the Nikon Z50, but if aesthetics aren't important to you, you might want to think about purchasing that camera instead because it's essentially the same thing. It requires a few additional native Nikon Z lenses in the DX format.


  • Mirrorless
  • 20.9MP CMOS sensor
  • 3.2-inch tilting, 1.04 million dot monitor
  • 11fps for continuous shooting
  • Viewfinder: EVF, 2.36 million dots
  • Maximum video resolution: 30p, 4K UHD
  • Dazzling appearance
  • Few features not for professional use 
  • Dial-based mechanisms
  • Not many DX Z-mount lenses
  • Fully-articulating

5. Nikon Z50

Despite being substantially smaller than Nikon's full-frame "Z" models, the Nikon Z50 has the same design aesthetic. The retractable 16-50mm kit lens is impressive not just for the pancake lens proportions but for its entire performance despite its compact size. It has a comfortable grip and decent exterior controls. The Z50 is a fantastic deal, especially when purchased as a twin-lens kit, which is the best part.


  • Mirrorless type
  • CMOS APS-C sensor
  • 20.9 Megapixels
  • 3.2-inch tilting, 1.04 million dot monitor
  • 11fps for continuous shooting
  • Viewfinder: EVF, 2.36 million dots
  • Maximum video resolution: 30p, 4K UHD
  • Starting with a good value
  • No in-body stability
  • Kit lens and a small body
  • Very few "native" lenses
  • 4K video with 11fps

6. Nikon Z5

Z5 borrows design elements from its more expensive brothers, the Z6 & Z7, but adds some practical touches, like a mode dial that is user-friendly for beginners. It delivers stunning photos, and pairing full-frame sensors with an advanced Z-mount is hard to argue against. It makes a few concessions—for example, it lacks the back-illuminated sensor of the Z6 and suffers a 1.7x crop on its own 4K video—but these give way to the Z5's primary selling point: its alluring pricing.


  • Mirrorless
  • Full-frame sensor 20MP CMOS megapixels
  • EVF, 3,690k dots, 100% visibility on the monitor
  • Speed of continuous shooting: 4.5fps
  • EVF is a viewfinder
  • Maximum video resolution: 30p, 4K UHD
  • Using terminal covers, a battery
  • Burst shooting is only possible at 4.5fps
  • 5-axis IS system 
  • 1.7x crop is applied to 4K footage
  • Simple to understand 

7. Nikon Z6 II

Nikon Z6 II is a minor update to the original Z6 that adds a secondary memory card slot, a faster CPU, as well as the ability to capture bursts of up to 14fps and capture 4K video at 60fps. In comparison to Nikon's 20.9MP APS-C compact models, the 24.5MP sensor may seem like a tiny improvement, but when combined with the considerably bigger full-frame detection zone, it offers a significant improvement in picture quality, particularly in low light. This is the best Nikon to get if you enjoy shooting videos and vlogs in addition to still photos.


  • Mirrorless
  • Full-frame sensor CMOS
  • 3.2-inch touchscreen monitor with 2100k dots
  • Two slots for memory cards
  • Lack of an articulated screen
  • Better burst shooting
  • Video in 4K 60p is cropped
  • Superior AF performance

8. Nikon D7500

The Nikon D7500 is a good option for Nikon DSLR users who want to upgrade from a beginner-friendly model like the D3500. It is a bigger, tougher camera with 8fps continuous shooting, the renowned 51-point focusing technology from Nikon, and the capacity to record 4K video. Its back screen tilts instead of being completely articulated like the Nikon D5600, making vertical photos more difficult, although it works perfectly for recording video and horizontally.


  • DSLR-style; APS-C sensor
  • 20.9 megapixels
  • Optical pentaprism 
  • Insufficient compared to the D500
  • Lightweight build
  • Reduced autofocus system

9. Nikon D850

Comparing the Nikon D850 to the Nikon Z series, the D850 is a far more powerful camera. However, this size is advantageous if you photograph with large, heavy lenses, as most professional lenses are! Many users of mirrorless cameras overlook this handling aspect. The D850 boasts two internal memory slots and an outstanding battery of 1840 photos, significantly greater than any mirrorless competitors, even without the grip.


  • Full-frame sensor
  • 3.2" screen
  • 45.7MP
  • High MP and quick burst firing
  • High cost
  • Dependable, weatherproof body
  • Only for use by professionals
  • Superior to mirrorless versions in terms of battery life

Best budget

The Nikon Z FC is indeed the dreamlike camera that offers wonderful functions and not just a stylish appearance. It is one of the finest cameras for beginners and the best budget camera available.It is capable and simple to understand on the inside. However, after some time, more skilled photographers might start searching elsewhere for more sophisticated mirrorless or DSLR solutions.

Best overall

Nikon indeed took some time to release genuinely good entry-level full-frame mirrorless cameras, but the company killed it with the Z5, which is the greatest Nikon product overall.The Z5 has a lot going for it despite its flaws, thanks to a combination of excellent image quality, dependable autofocus performance, easy handling, weather-sealed body and durable construction.

Best 3 features

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Nikon D780  DSLR24.4MP Enthusiast or professional user
Nikon Z30DSLR20.9MP Beginners /professional
Nikon D3500DSLR24.2MP Beginners /professional
Nikon Z fcMirrorless20.9MPBeginners /enthusiasts
Nikon Z50Mirrorless20.9MPBeginners /enthusiasts
Nikon Z5Mirrorless24MP Beginners
Nikon Z6 IIMirrorless24.5MPEnthusiast/Professional
Nikon D7500DSLR20.9MPEnthusiast
Nikon D850DSLR45.7 MPProfessional

How to find the perfect Nikon camera

  • Determine your shooting requirements.

What specific purposes do you have in mind for your camera? Create a list of the shooting requirements so that you can quickly determine the precise specifications to seek for.

  • Think about your budget.

Your options might be reduced by knowing how much you're willing to spend on a DSLR camera. Because DSLRs have several parts, you may want to include in the price of batteries, lenses, filters, storage devices and even a camera case. Consider including the additional cost of purchasing an extended warranty in your estimate as well.

  • Decide how much weight you can bear.

If lugging a large, hefty camera is not something you are willing to do, think about getting a smaller, lighter DSLR. But if size and weight are not a concern, go ahead and buy that full-frame DSLR camera with plenty of features.

  • Consider the camera accessories you already own.

Do you still have unused accessories for digital cameras sitting around your house? Look to see whether their configuration is comparable. You might want to think about purchasing a DSLR that is consistent with what you already own so that you can use all of your equipment once more.

The perfect Nikon camera price list

1.Nikon D780   1,68,990
2.Nikon Z30 58,895
3.Nikon D3500  1,00,987

4.Nikon Z fc  75,834
5.Nikon Z50  69,900
6.Nikon Z5  1,18,550
7.Nikon Z6 II  1,50,990
8.Nikon D7500  88,850
9.Nikon D850  1,99,999

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