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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022
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10 best Samsung phones in India: Buying guide

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  • Published on Sep 27, 2022 20:55 IST
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In this article, you can check out India's top 10 best Samsung phones. This will give you a better understanding of the different smartphones that Samsung offers. Go through this article to check out some amazing deals on Amazon.

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Samsung phones are among the most sought-after phones in India.

A smartphone can be used for multiple purposes such as browsing websites, listening to music, binge-watching, playing trendy multiplayer games, and even office work like checking emails, presentations, etc.

So, which one should you buy? The decision must be taken after considering all factors, features, specs, price, pros, and cons of every phone. This guide will cater to all your needs and help you find the perfect Samsung phone for your budget.

When it comes to Samsung smartphones, there is a wide range of options that are available in the market. With our curated list, you can jot down your search for the top 10 best Samsung phones in India. Here is a list of the top 10 smartphones in India that is a must to look out for!

Top 10 Best Samsung Phones in India

1. Samsung Galaxy M13

This stardust brown Samsung phone features 4G technology and comes in 6.6 inches screen size. The smartphone consists of 12GB RAM and an internal memory of 128GB. If you are looking for an all-in-one activity smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy M13 is available only at Rs. 13,999. The smartphone is under budget and ideal for everyone, even those with rough phone usage.


Operating system: Android 12.0

Cellular technology: 4G

Colour: Brown

Display: 6.6 inches

RAM: 12 GB

Memory Storage: 128 GB

6000 mAh Lithon-ion batterNo back cover or screen guard included.
1-year warranty on the gadget 
Expandable 128GB internal memory 

2. Samsung Galaxy M21

The Samsung Galaxy M21 is a large but sleek phone with a bright display and many features. Its battery lasts long enough to comfortably use throughout the day, while its dual SIM card slots let you keep two personal numbers in the same device.

The Galaxy M21 is a high-end Android smartphone with a 6.4-inch FHD display. It comes with 4GB RAM and features an Exynos 9611 Octa-Core processor. Built to take on the most challenging tasks, it also has a 48+8+5 MP rear camera and an integrated fingerprint sensor.


Display: 6.4-inches


Storage: 64 GB

Rear camera: 48+8+5MP

Battery: 6000 mAh

Front camera: 20MP

Processor: Octa-Core

Refresh rate: 60Hz

Robust camera.15W charger only
Powerful battery 
Sleek design. 

3. Samsung Galaxy A13

Samsung provides a wide range of products when it comes to smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy A13 is an efficient, upgraded model with 4 GB RAM and 64GB storage. This model consists of an octa-core processor, providing a fast and dynamic user experience. You can avail of this efficient device at just Rs. 13,999.


Operating system: Android 12.0

Cellular technology:

Colour: Peach

Display: 6.6 inches


Memory Storage: 64 GB

Comes with a 6month warrantyGyroscopic feature not available
High-quality Product 
Supports 5000 mAH battery 

4. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is an excellent smartphone known for its robust performance and flex display. It folds and unfolds, providing a 7.6-inch main screen display. This device is offered in 12 GB RAM and provides a resolution of 2176 x 1812. You can purchase this excellent smartphone for Rs.1,54,999.

This is a portable and powerful Android phone that has 64GB internal memory expandable up to 512GB, which makes it among the most extensive smartphones you can buy today.


Operating system: Android 12.0

Operating system:

Cellular technology: 5G/4G lite

Colour: Hraygreen

Display: 7.6 inches

RAM: 12 GB

Memory Storage: 256 GB

Offers 12 GB RAMCharger not included
4400 mAH Battery 
2-Lithium batteries included 

5. Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

The Galaxy S22 is one of the finest smartphones provided by Samsung. It features a screen with 15.39cm, 2340 x 1080 full HD display. This device runs smoothly and blazingly fast. You can buy this amazing smartphone for just Rs. 65,999.


Operating system: Android 12

Cellular technology: LTE

Colour: Pink Gold

Display: 6.1 inches


Memory Storage: 128 GB

Pros Cons
Excellent processingPoor battery
Offers 8GB RAMNo memory card slot provided
3700 mAH 

6. Samsung Galaxy F42 5G

One of the most affordable and efficient smartphones available is the Samsung Galaxy F42. It provides 6GB RAM, with an in-built storage of 128GB. Furthermore, the device offers a 6.6inch screen display. You can grab this amazing smartphone for just Rs. 15,968.


Operating system: Android 12.0

Cellular technology: GSM

Colour: Matte Black

Display: 6.6 inches

Battery: Lithium-ion

Memory Storage: 128 GB

Offers 6GB RAMNo gorilla glass
MediaTek Dimesnity 700 ProcessorNot waterproof
Lithium Battery 

7. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is an excellent smartphone, providing a triple rear camera to enhance your picture quality. Furthermore, it offers 8GB RAM with 128GB in-built storage. Opt for this incredible smartphone at just Rs. 35,980.


Operating system: Android

Cellular technology: 4G

Colour: Cloud Navy

Display: 6.5 inches


Memory Storage: 128 GB

8GB RAM with 128GB in-built storageDoes not have the fingerprint security
5000 mAH Lithium Battery 
Infinity O-Display 

8. Samsung Galaxy M33 5G

Samsung Galaxy M33 is one of the finest devices provided by Samsung. It consists of a 1280 octa-core processor with 6.6 inches LED full HD display. The deep ocean blue colour and variety of features make this smartphone stand out from the rest of its competitors. It is an affordable and efficient smartphone, and you can avail of it at just Rs. 18,999.


Operating system: Android

Cellular technology: 5G/4G Lite

Colour: Deep Ocean Blue

Display: 6.6 inches


Memory Storage: 128 GB

Octa-core processorDoes not offer stereo support
1-year warranty 

9. SAMSUNG Galaxy F13

A smartphone to stay in the race, the Samsung Galaxy F13 is a powerful tool that can help you meet all your needs. It has an Android 12 operating system, a 6.6-inch LCD, and 4GB RAM. The F13 has a fingerprint sensor embedded in its home button and supports GPS and Bluetooth.

The latest Exynos 850 processor delivers peak power efficiency, allowing you to go long-lasting between charges. With a 64GB storage option offering a lot of space to save files, you can enjoy even longer gameplay sessions without worrying about plugging in or recharging your device.


Display: 6.6-inches


Storage: 64GB

Rear camera: 50+5+2MP

Battery: 6000 mAh

OS: Android 12

Front camera: 8MP

Processor: Exynos 850 Processor

Refresh rate: 60Hz

Good overall performance.No 4K recording.
Robust battery backup.Not water resistant.
Large screen size 

10. Samsung A32

Samsung A32 is a black body smartphone with 6.4 inches screen size. The smartphone's internal memory is 128 GB, with a RAM of 6GB. The smartphone consists of a Dual sim supporting both 4G and 5G. Furthermore, its 5000 mAH Lithium battery can fast charge your device, keeping it efficiently functional. The smartphone is perfect for everyday use and is available at Rs. 19,300.


Operating system: Android

Cellular technology: 4G

Colour: Black

Display: 6.4 inches


Memory Storage: 128 GB

128 GB internal memoryNo screen guard applied
5000mAh Li-ion batteryNo option to increase the volume of the mic

Price of Best Samsung phones at a glance:

Samsung Galaxy M13Rs. 13,999
Samsung Galaxy A23Rs. 11,499
Samsung Galaxy A13Rs. 13,999
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5GRs. 1,54,999
Samsung Galaxy S22 5GRs. 65,999
Samsung Galaxy F42 5GRs. 15,968
Samsung Galaxy S20 FERs. 35,980
Samsung Galaxy M33 5GRs. 18,999
Samsung Galaxy F62Rs. 12,610
Samsung A32Rs. 19,300

Best 3 features for you

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Samsung Galaxy M136000 mAh Lithon-ion batter1-year warranty on the gadgetExpandable 128GB internal memory
Samsung Galaxy A23Covered for a 6-month warrantyThe product supports a 5000mAh batteryThe LCD screen is 6.6 inches
Samsung Galaxy A13High-quality ProductComes with a 6month warrantySupports 5000 mAH batter
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5GOffers 12 GB RAM4400 mAH Battery2-Lithium batteries included
Samsung Galaxy S22 5GExcellent processingOffers 8GB RAM3700 mAH
Samsung Galaxy F42 5GOffers 6GB RAMMediaTek Dimesnity 700 ProcessorLithium Battery
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE8GB RAM with 128GB in-built storage5000 mAH Lithium BatteryInfinity O-Display
Samsung Galaxy M33 5GOcta-core processor1-year warranty6GB RAM
Samsung Galaxy F627000 mAH battery6-month warranty6.7 inch LCD
Samsung A32128 GB internal memory5000mAh Li-ion battery6GB RAM

Best value for money

Samsung Galaxy F42 is one of the best smartphones provided by Samsung at an extensively affordable price. Customers can avail of this product for just Rs. 15,808. This Samsung model offers the best value for your money. Some efficient features of these smartphones ensure seamless operations on the go. The device gets you great RAM, with a resolution of 1080 x 2408 pixels and a pixel density of 440 PPI; this model also features 6.6 inches TFT screen.

Best overall product

Samsung Galaxy S22 is the best overall product to buy with excellent features. This smartphone has a lot to offer to its customers. Its features include Android 12, 8GB RAM, and 128GB Storage.

Furthermore, it includes Snapdragon 8, making this smartphone fast and efficient. The rear and front camera quality are excellent, allowing you to click and shoot cinematic pictures and motions. Moreover, this smartphone comes with a one-year warranty, allowing you to assess all the different benefits and features of the phone.

How to find the perfect Samsung smartphone?

You can choose from a variety of options online to get the ideal Samsung smartphone. However, you must consider a few crucial factors before selecting your phone. Select a device that satisfies your expectations. Before choosing a smartphone, ensure that the mobile meets your requirements and expectations.

Furthermore, search online resources for a database of compatibility. Comparing the smartphone with other similar smartphones will give you a better understanding of the features you might require. Lastly, inquire about the characteristics of the Samsung smartphone with the manufacturer or supplier.

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