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Best air fryer oven to buy under 15000

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  • Published on Nov 08, 2022 13:34 IST
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Air fryer ovens are a good way to reap the advantages of an air fryer and an oven. Choose from the ten best air fryer ovens below.

product info
Best Air Fryer Oven

Air fryers are stylish kitchen appliances used to cook and roast different foods with little to no oil. Hence, all food cooked here has none of the extra fat and calories, you find in fried foods. A more specific type, known as the air fryer oven, offers a larger capacity than a traditional air fryer and takes up less counter space.

The best air fryer ovens are multifunctional appliances that offer toasting, baking, rotisserie and dehydrating options besides air frying. On that note, look at the ten best air fryer ovens and a buying guide.

1. Geek Airocook acis air fryer oven

This 5-in-1 solution for your kitchen works as a toaster, OTG, air fryer, griller and convection. Having this in your kitchen means less clutter and fast cooking owing to its 360-degree hot air circulation technology. And yes, it even saves time.


• Price: Rs. 9, 499

• Colour: Silver

• Capacity: 14 litres

• Material: Stainless Steel

• Wattage: 1250 Watts

• Included Components: Oven rack, baking pan, recipe book, air fryer oven, air fryer mesh basket, user manual and oven mitt

• Product Dimensions: 39.5 x 38 x 38 centimetres

• Weight: 7 kg 590 g

3-position adjustmentMarkings are not clearly visible
In-built oven lightPossibilities of the incorrect setting are high

2.Inalsa aero crisp air fryer oven with extra large capacity

The Aero Crisp from Inalsa will be a good option. You get to enjoy the functionalities of varied appliances, all in a single, conveniently sized oven. The size of this appliance is larger than the majority of the multi-functional air fryer ovens, yet sufficiently small to accommodate very little space on your kitchen counter.


• Price: Rs. 8, 154

• Colour: Black

• Capacity: 10 litres

• Material: Stainless Steel

• Wattage: 1500 Watts

• Included Components: Bake or drip tray, rotisserie folk set, rotisserie handle, pot mitts, instruction manual, recipe booklet, crisp tray, main unit, rotation drum basket, square basket with a detachable handle and non-stick square basket

• Product Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 43 centimetres

• Weight: 8 kg 500 g

Automatic shutdown protectionCapacity could be better
Exclusive designSize also needs to increase
Multilevel cooking 
Double-layer glass door 
Durable dishwasher-safe accessories 
Calorie killer 

3.Agaro regency air fryer, 12L, family rotisserie oven

The Agaro regency air fryer comes with a temperature control mechanism that lets you control the temperature as per your cooking requirements. Its interior LED light makes way for convenient cooking as you do not need to worry about your food getting overcooked. And you can use the time control button to adjust the time of cooking.


• Price: Rs. 8, 399

• Colour: Silver

• Capacity: 12 litres

• Material: Stainless Steel

• Wattage: 1800 Watts

• Included Components: Handle tool, rotating basket, skewer rack, rotisserie fork, drip tray, gloves, frying basket and mesh racks

• Product Dimensions: 32 x 33 x 37.5 centimetres

• Weight: 8Kg

Easy to useTakes more time to cook or fry food
Good build qualityThe controller knob to monitor cooking is missing
Perfect for a family with 2 to 3 membersNo switch to control the fan speed
The Digital interface works fineExpensive
Useful accessories availableShort rotisserie rod

4. Nutricook 1800 Watts, Digital/One touch control panel display, 8 pre-set programs air fryer oven

Meet the do-it-all kitchen superhero: The Nutricook One Touch air fryer oven! With a sleek digital display, it lets you bake several sheets of chocolate cookies or roast a chicken in one go. You can also use this versatile air fryer oven to dehydrate foods, such as sweet potatoes or bananas, into delicious and healthy snacks.


• Price: Rs. 12, 999

• Colour: Black

• Capacity: 14 litres

• Material: Stainless Steel

• Wattage: 1800 Watts

• Included Components: Air fryer oven, rotisserie shaft, rotating basket, skewers, rotisserie fork, skewer racks, drip tray, wire racks, protective cover, user guide and fetch tool

• Product Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 36 centimetres

• Weight: 9 kg 560 g

Rapid air technologyExpensive
One touch cooking 
360-degree circulation technology and perfect crisp system 

5.Tesora digital air fryer oven

Come up with happy and healthy meals in just a few minutes with the Tesora Digital air fryer oven. It has 5-in-1 technology to bake, air fry, toast, dehydrate and grill. It also comes with an adjustable temperature range of 50 degrees C to 220 degrees C and uses 360-degree rapid air circulation technology to cook tasty and crunchy food without much oil.


• Price: Rs. 13, 499

• Colour: Black

• Capacity: 14.5 litres

• Material: Aluminium

• Wattage: 1700 Watts

• Included Components: Rotisserie fork, drip tray, toasting rack, mesh basket and tongs

• Product Dimensions: 33 x 37 x 38 centimetres

• Weight: 10 kg 500 g

Easy to useAverage product
16 pre-set menus 
Fast and even cooking 
Stylish and sleek design 

6.Havells air fryer air oven digi 1500 watt 10 litre capacity

The Havells air fryer air oven is equipped with Aero crisp technology, this air fryer oven ensures quick air circulation in all directions further ensuring even food preparation and better crisping. Other important features of the product include 9 cooking automatic pre-set options for the perfect time, an LED display, a cool touch handle and transparent toughened glass.


• Price: Rs. 11, 750

• Colour: Silver

• Capacity: 10 litres

• Material: Stainless Steel

• Wattage: 1500 Watts

• Included Components: Main unit, grill rack, non-stick basket, rotation drum basket and warranty card

• Product Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 47.4 centimetres

• Weight: 9 kg 230 g

Good finishThe door opening system needs to improve
New designNot very spacious
Useful pre-settingsThe fan remains on always
Low fan sound 
Double glass protection 

7.Instant pot air fryer oven

The Instant Pot air fryer oven comes with an exclusive design, and 9-in-1 functionality, and serves multiple purposes, such as broiling, air frying, dehydrating, roasting, toasting, baking, reheating, proof and rotisserie. It has a large cooking space that ensures you can make almost any kind of recipe quickly.


• Price: Rs. 14, 999

• Colour: Gold

• Capacity: 10Quarts

• Material: Stainless Steel

• Wattage: 1500 Watts

• Included Components: Rotisserie lift, rotisserie basket, rotisserie forks, rotisserie spit, perforated pans and drip tray

• Product Dimensions: 34.9 x 36.5 x 33.6 centimetres

• Weight: 7 kg 937 g

Even crisp technology delivers the tenderness and crunch of deep fryingCauses extreme heat
Digital touch panelThe front glass door is a little heavy
One-touch smart programs 
Glass panel 
Adjustable temperature 

8.Hestia appliances 12L nutri-wave air fryer cum oven 1800W

Offering 6-in-1 cooking functionalities, the Hestia Appliances Nutri-Wave air fryer not only air fries but even roasts, grills, dehydrates and bakes. With a temperature range of 80 degrees C to 200 degrees C and a one-of-a-kind viewing window, this air fryer oven lets you check the status of your cooking anytime without opening the door.


• Price: Rs. 9, 899

• Colour: Black

• Capacity: 12 litres

• Material: BPA Free Plastic

• Wattage: 1700 Watts

• Included Components: Main unit, recipe book, drip tray, manual book, rotisserie screws and rod and frying tray

• Product Dimensions: 33 x 36 x 38 centimetres

• Weight: 7 kg 860 g

Great product to useTakes time to cook
Healthy cooking stuffBuild quality could be better
Perfect touch interface 

9.Varada max pro air fryer oven 8 litre large capacity

Spacious, sleek and stylish, the Varada Max Pro Air Fryer Oven is ideal for weeknight dinners, baking festive desserts, entertaining a crowd and prepping up school lunches. With 8 cooking pre-sets, it lets you cook meals at the push of a button. The rotate button transforms your air fryer oven into a rotisserie pro. For added convenience, all its stainless steel accessories are dishwasher safe.


• Price: Rs. 7, 499

• Colour: White

• Capacity: 8 litres

• Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic and Iron

• Wattage: 1500 Watts

• Included Components: Iron drip tray, chicken shaft rod, fan protection steel mesh, rotisserie basket, steel mesh tray, user manual, heat resistance glove and fryer machine

• Product Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 36 centimetres

• Weight: 7 kg 960 g

Good to use with inbuilt options and pre-sets to set custom temperature and timeThere is a metallic smell after use
 Sturdy build 
Available accessories show good finishing 

10.Wonderchef crimson edge air fryer oven 23L

This 2-in-1 air fryer oven does everything from roasting and baking to frying while keeping convenience, taste and health in mind. It is the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and style and a design that lends it a superior quality.


• Price: Rs. 10, 992

• Colour: Red

• Capacity: 23 litres

• Material: Plastic

• Wattage: 1400 Watts

• Included Components: Wire whip, rotisserie, baking tray, fry basket, crumb tray

• Product Dimensions: 40 x 34 x 35 centimetres

• Weight: 10 kg 800 g

Great designLimited features
Huge capacityNoisy
360-degree air circulation technology 
Safe to use 

Best 3 important features for consumer

Product ColourCapacityWattage
Geek AiroCook Acis Air Fryer OvenSilver14 litres1250 Watts
Inalsa Aero Crisp Air Fryer Oven with Extra Large CapacityBlack10 litres1500 Watts
AGARO Regency Air Fryer, 12L, Family Rotisserie OvenSilver12 litres1800 Watts
NUTRICOOK 1800 Watts, Digital/One Touch Control Panel Display, 8 Pre-set Programs Air Fryer OvenBlack14 litres1800 Watts
Tesora Digital Air Fryer OvenBlack14.5 litres1700 Watts
Havells Air Fryer Air Oven Digi 1500 watt 10 Litre CapacitySilver10 litres1500 Watts
Instant Pot Air Fryer OvenGold10 Quarts1500 Watts
Hestia Appliances 12L Nutri-Wave Air Fryer cum Oven 1800WBlack12 litres1700 Watts
Varada Max Pro air fryer Oven 8 Litre Large CapacityWhite8 litres1500 Watts
Wonderchef Crimson Edge Air Fryer Oven 23LRed23 litres1400 Watts

Best value for money

The Havells Air Fryer Air Oven Digi 1500 watt 10 Litre Capacity is the best value for money air fryer oven available within an affordable range of Rs. 11, 750. This no-frills product has a fairly large capacity of 14 litres. Although it lacks many features like the other air fryer ovens on this list, its huge capacity and affordability make it one of the most promising options.

Best overall

The Geek AiroCook Acis air fryer oven makes the best overall product in this list. While it is not very expensive at Rs. 9, 499, reviewers note that you receive what you pay for as the product works very well and delivers several additional functions. Plus, this smart product features advanced technology to prevent uneven cooking.

How to find the best air fryer oven?

Choosing the best air fryer oven depends on the following:

Capacity: If you want to cook for a large household or multiple food varieties at one go, consider the larger air fryer ovens. Consider the number of racks you can use while cooking and how large a chicken will fit into the appliance. This can help you determine if a certain air fryer oven would be the right size for your household.

Price: Keep in mind that air fryer ovens come between Rs. 10, 000 and Rs. 20, 000. Anything less than this range means you must satisfy yourself with limited options and products with limited features.

Best air fryer oven price list

Best Air Fryer OvenPrices
Geek Airo Cook Acis Air Fryer Oven 9, 499
Inalsa Aero Crisp Air Fryer Oven with Extra Large Capacity 8, 154
AGARO Regency Air Fryer, 12L, Family Rotisserie Oven 8, 399
NUTRICOOK 1800 Watts, Digital/One Touch Control Panel Display, 8 Pre-set Programs Air Fryer Oven 12, 999
Tesora Digital Air Fryer Oven 14, 499
Havells Air Fryer Air Oven Digi 1500 watt 10 Litre Capacity 11, 750
Instant Pot Air Fryer Oven 14, 999
Hestia Appliances 12L Nutri-Wave Air Fryer cum Oven 1800WRs. 9, 899
Varada Max Pro air fryer Oven 8 Litre Large CapacityRs. 7, 499
Wonderchef Crimson Edge Air Fryer Oven 23LRs. 10, 992

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