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Best iVoltaa mobile accessories to enhance your productivity

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  • Published on Nov 30, 2022 22:21 IST
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Choose from a wide variety of cell phone case chargers, chargers, earphones, headphones, car chargers, and many more. Read below to know more about the best iVoltaa mobile accessories.

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The 8 best iVoltaa mobile accessories

iVoltaa offers a wide range of wireless charging pads, wireless chargers, wireless chargers with lightning connectors, wireless chargers with USB connectors, wireless chargers with standard USB connectors, wireless chargers with AC connectors, wireless chargers with Qi, wireless chargers with air charging, wireless chargers with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, wireless chargers with iPhone 8, wireless chargers with iPhone 8 Plus, wireless chargers with iPhone X, and more.

The top-selling products on Amazon are designed by iVoltaa. iVoltaa offers the latest smartphone and tablet cases, chargers, cables, and more, all with an eye on aesthetics, quality, and usability. iVoltaa provides various colours and styles that will surely be a hit with your friends and family. Check out the best iVoltaa Mobile Phone accessories here.

Best iVoltaa mobile accessories

1. iVoltaa 2m USB C to USB C Cable

iVoltaa 2m USB-C to USB-C cable is ideal for charging the latest generation of smartphones, iPhones and computer tablets with a USB-C port. Use it for charging, connecting, and syncing your smartphone, tablet or laptop to an iPad, Apple Watch and more. It features Power Delivery of up to 100W, ensuring protection against power surges, overheating, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. Rapid charging and high power output technology also enhance the speed at which devices charge – compared to a standard charger! And with a durable braided design and e-mark certification, this device ensures reliable protection from damage.


  • Brand: iVoltaa
  • Connector Type: ‎USB Type C, USB
  • Compatible Device: Laptop, Tablet
  • Data Transfer Rate: 480 Megabits Per Second
  • Supports sync and data transfer 
  • Not durable 
  • Power Management with E-Mark Chip
  • Robust Protection from shocks 

2. iVoltaa 3.5mm Braided Aux (Auxiliary) Audio Cable

The voltage 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable is the ideal choice for anyone who wants the freedom to listen to their favourite music wherever they go. This cable connects your digital devices with a standard 3.5mm jack. It is compatible with any device with a standard headphone jack, including Beats headphones, iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, laptops, tablets, MP3 players and many more devices that support this jack. 90-degree right angle, which allows you to connect to any of your digital devices with this right-angled connector and will not damage the port as it allows you to plug in more securely.


  • Brand: iVoltaa
  • Connector Type: ‎Auxiliary
  • Compatible Devices: ‎Laptop, Smartphone
  • Connector Gender: Male to Male
  • Tough braided cable
  • Too long cord 
  • high fidelity sound quality
  • 24k gold contacts for optimal signal transfer 

3.iVoltaa Cat7 Giga Shielded STP Flat Ethernet Networking Cord

iVoltaa Cat7 Giga Shielded STP LAN Cable is designed for use in the home, office and all of your networking needs. The pure copper wire provides better signal transfer speeds to enjoy HD video streaming, lag-free gaming and super-fast Internet speeds. The network cable features gold-plated RJ45 connectors that are more robust than regular RJ45 connectors, allowing for better shielding against signal interference. Compatible with the latest 802.3at/802.3af standard supports bandwidth up to 600MHz and 10Gbps high-speed data transmission. It is the best choice for playing games.


  • Brand: iVoltaa
  • Connector Type: RJ45
  • Compatible Devices: ‎Modem, Router, Personal Computer, Television, Laptop
  • Data Transfer Rate: ‎10 Gigabits Per Second
  • High speed 
  • Cat 6 is not as per expectations
  • Reduced interference 
  • pure copper Gold-plated RJ45 connector 

4. iVoltaa USB Type C/USB C to Micro USB Metal Adapter Connector 

iVoltaa USB Type-C/USB C to Micro-USB Adapter with Fast Charging has been designed to connect your devices. And its user recognition function means that whether you connect the adapter or your device, both will be paired with each other immediately. The slim and portable design is perfect for carrying around or attaching to your existing charging cord, key ring, or bag. Each adapter includes a 12-month, worry-free guarantee to prove the importance we set on quality. With fast charging up to 2.4A, a built-in 51k pull-up resistor and 5.1k pull-down resistor protect your devices from damage. This adapter will last for years!


  • Brand: iVoltaa
  • Connector Type: USB Type C
  • Compatible Devices: ‎Tablets, Laptops
  • Number of Ports: 1
  • Slim and portable design
  • Cannot be used for OTG dongle 
  • Premium aluminium alloy shell
  • fast data transferring

5. iVoltaa 3.1A Dual Port Car Charger

iVoltaa 3.1A Dual Port Car Charger is one of our slimmest and most powerful models yet. It features two USB ports to power two devices simultaneously at 2.4A output each, so you can stay connected while on the road or charging your phone or tablet in the parking lot. With 3A output, it can charge two devices at once, but more importantly, it adjusts automatically to the voltage from your vehicle, so you don't have to fiddle around with manual settings. With a 12-month warranty, you can trust that this charger will keep working as long as you need it. 


  • Brand: iVoltaa
  • Connector Type: USB
  • Compatible Device: Cellular Phones
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Slow in charging
  • automatically adjusts the voltage received
  • Ultra slim and small 

6.iVoltaa 20W USB-C PD & QC

iVoltaa Dual Port Fast Wall Charger is a dual-port wall charger that offers a maximum output power of 20W on both ports, designed to fulfil your daily charging needs and support up to 3X faster than usual chargers. With this quality charger, you can charge two devices simultaneously with its two fast charging ports, approved by BIS for protection from short-circuiting, over-voltage, over-current and overheating without any risk of overheating or damaging your devices. The compact and lightweight design lets you take your charger along anytime you travel and conveniently charge your device anywhere. The 12-month warranty from iVoltaa ensures protection from manufacturing defects.


  • Brand: iVoltaa
  • Connector Type: USB Type C, USB Type A
  • Compatible Device: Cellular Phones, Cameras, Tablets, Game Consoles, Headphones
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Lightweight and compact size 
  • None to mention
  • protection from short-circuiting
  • max 20W output power

7. iVoltaa Selfie Stick Tripod

The iVoltaa Selfie Stick Tripod with Wireless Remote Control is portable, easy to carry, and very suitable for taking selfies or group photos. It is also a tripod, so you can use it as a quick and easy tripod when travelling. With 5 adjustable poles, a 7.08'' folded size & up to 27.6'' extension length, it's perfectly compatible with the most innovative phone on the market. The top of the selfie bar can rotate 360 degrees, and the vertical row satisfies you. A long press to turn it on and a short press to adjust the brightness of two gears.


  • Brand: iVoltaa
  • Compatible Device: Smartphone
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.8 x 18.5 cm
  • 27.6'' extension length 
  • Nothing to mention
  • professional 360 degree rotation design
  • Easy to install and use

8. iVoltaa Airbase1 10W Charging Pad

The Airbase1 Wireless Charger has a sleek, compact and durable design that fits perfectly in any environment. It offers advanced safety features built-in to prevent overheating and short-circuiting while still supporting your Galaxy Note 9/S9/S9 Plus/Note 8/Note 5/S6 Edge Plus/S7/S7 Edge, or whichever other Samsung! It also works with Apple’s iPhone X series (Xs, Xs Max and XR) and other Qi-enabled phones. The included adapter will charge up to 7.5W on iPhone Xs Max and XR models or 5W on all other Qi-capable smartphones. Whether your phone is Qi-compatible, this charger will charge your phone quickly and efficiently. 


  • Brand: iVoltaa
  • Connector Type: type C
  • Compatible Device: Cellular Phones
  • Number of Ports: 1
  • sleek and compact design 
  • Slow charging 
  • Built-in Overheating Protection
  • Easy-to-read status light

Best 3 features

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
iVoltaa 2m USB C to USB C Cable USB Type C, USB Laptop, Tablet 480 MBPS data transfer rate 
iVoltaa 3.5mm Braided Aux (Auxiliary) Audio CableAuxiliary Laptop, Smartphone Male to Male connector gender 
iVoltaa Cat7 Giga Shielded STP Flat Ethernet Networking Cord RJ45 Modem, Router, Personal Computer, Television, Laptop 480 GBPS data transfer rate 
iVoltaa USB Type C/USB C to Micro USB Metal Adapter ConnectorUSB Type C Tablets, Laptops 1 port 
iVoltaa 3.1A Dual Port Car Charger USB Cellular Phones2 ports 
iVoltaa 20W USB-C PD & QC USB Type C, USB Type A Cellular Phones, Cameras, Tablets, Game Consoles, Headphones 2 ports 
iVoltaa Selfie Stick Tripod NA Smartphone 4.5 x 3.8 x 18.5 cm dimensions 
iVoltaa Airbase1 10W Charging Padtype CCellular Phones 4.5 x 3.8 x 18.5 cm dimensions 

Best value for money

At just 299, buy the most premium Aux (Auxiliary) Audio Cable from iVoltaa. The iVoltaa Premium 3.5MM connects Media Players to vehicle stereos and speakers. It has a right angle, ultra-strong braided cord, and is simple to attach and keep. It is suitable with any 3.5mm jack-equipped mobile phone, MP3 player, or PDA. Based on all these features, it is one of the best iVoltaa mobile accessories available on a budget.

Best overall

The iVoltaa type C to C100W-2M/6.6 Ft is the best USB cable that you can use on a laptop and tablet. There are E-Mark chips, 6ft long and 100W PD charging, which will give you the best service. There is one year warranty on this cable and the price is Rs. 699.99. All these aspects make it one of the best iVoltaa mobile accessories.

How to find the perfect iVoltaa mobile accessories

Keep these points in mind whenever you are planning to pick the best iVoltaa mobile accessories. When you insert speakers, microphones, or headsets into a primary device, you typically connect to the auxiliary cable via an additional port, except for some types of USB configurations. The line is small, with a slim Lightning connector on one end and a standard USB-A connector on the other. Micro USB is a scaled-down version of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface for attaching small and portable devices, such as digital cameras, MP3 players, telephones, and GPS systems. Additionally, lightning cords can be completely reversible, so you can plug them in from any side. Based on all these aspects, the best accessory from the company is iVoltaa type C to C100W-2M/6.6 Ft.

Product price list

1.iVoltaa 2m USB C to USB C Cable Rs. 699 
2.iVoltaa 3.5mm Braided Aux Rs. 299 
3.iVoltaa Cat7 Giga ShieldedRs. 399
4.iVoltaa USB Type C/USB C to Micro USB  Rs. 364 
5.iVoltaa 3.1ARs. 318 
6.iVoltaa 20W USB-C PD & QC Rs. 799 
7.iVoltaa Selfie Stick Tripod Rs. 499 
8,iVoltaa Airbase1 Rs. 999

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Best iVoltaa mobile accessories to enhance your productivity

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