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Groove to the beat—10 Best MP3 players for the music lover in You

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  • Published on Nov 17, 2022 15:27 IST
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If you are an audiophile, then an MP3 player is a must-have device for you. Why? Because it lets you spend time with your favourite melodies like you should—away from the distractions of your phone.

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Top MP3 players you need to check out right now

Listening to music is an experience that needs complete immersion without interruptions. That is why owning a music player works wonders for you. You might be wondering, 'Who uses an MP3 player today?' But if you really care about the quality of your music and wish to have a hassle-free listening experience, you must seriously consider buying a music player.

There are several reasons to own an MP3 player. You will never have to struggle for space to store your ever-increasing playlist as a device dedicated solely to music gives you plenty of storage. Not all phones come with great sound quality or are built for music fans, and having a music player will enhance your listening experience manifold through its many intuitive features.

1.Sony NWZ-B183F Walkman Music Player

For bass lovers, nothing can be a better choice than this Sony Walkman music player. This little device can hold all your favourite songs and slip into your palms or pocket like a feather. Apart from its rich sound, what makes it worth a buy is its user-friendliness and ease of data transferability. It has a pen drive shape design that can be plugged into the PC directly without requiring additional wires.


• Storage- 4GB

• Battery Life- 20 hours

• Additional Features- Built-in FM

Bass boost functionThe built is not strong enough and can go defunct in over a year.
Offers 3-minute quick charge for 90 minutes of playback 
Very lightweight and compact device 
Easy usability  

2.SanDisk 16GB Clip Sport Plus MP3 Player

Now sweat it out with your favourite music playing on this lightweight, waterproof, and durable SanDisk MP3 player. This music player is designed to enhance your music listening experience with its high-quality sound and an array of features.


• Display- 1.44inch TFT-LCD

• Storage- 16GB

• Battery Life- 20 hours

• Additional features- Built-in FM radio

Battery time lasts up to 20 hours on a single chargeThe device is glitchy sometimes
Wireless Bluetooth technology 
Can be clipped to clothes or sports gear 

3.Saregama Carvaan Go Gold Music Player

For old Hindi song lovers, the Saregama Carvaan is a gem of a device. Apart from being sleek and stylish in looks and rich in features, it comes pre-loaded with 3000 retro songs along with an SD card slot of 32GB storage.


• Storage- 3000 pre-loaded songs and micro SD card up to 32 GB

• Battery life- 7 hours

• Additional Features- 6 listening modes

Smart and ergonomic designPoor Bluetooth connectivity
Pre-loaded songs 
Large storage  
Various modes for sorting songs 

4.Sony NWE393/B 4GB Walkman MP3 Player

Whether you are exercising, travelling, or doing household chores, this MP3 player from Sony will prove to be a great companion. The device easily fits into your pocket and lets you enjoy your favourite music on the go. Be it listening to your stored music, FM radio or viewing photos and videos, you can find a place for all your content on this small but impactful player.


• Display- 1.77 inch (128x160) colour LCD

• Storage- 4 GB and 8 GB

• Battery life- 35 hours

• Additional features- Photo viewing, video, built-in clock

Easy song accessibility with playlist creation featureNot compatible with wireless headphones
Dynamic normaliser feature removes audio level distortions between songs 
Can also be used to play videos and view photos 
Easy transferability of content 

5.RUIZU X02 Mp3 Music Player

Ultra slim and light and packed with features, this MP3 player is a music lovers’ delight. It offers the biggest battery life with 80 hours of playtime. With its easy navigations and extendable memory, music listening on this device becomes cherishable.


• Display- 1.8 Inches colour display

• Storage- 8 GB, extendable up to 128 GB

• Battery Type- 420mAh lithium-ion

• Battery life- 80 hours

• Additional features- FM, recorder, video, ebook

Can be connected to the carNo Bluetooth connectivity
Voice recording 
Supports all types of audio formats 
The device weighs just 30 g 

6.TIMMKOO MP3 Player

Organise all your music files in one place with this TIMMKOO MP3 player. It has a 4-inch wide screen that displays content in 720p and 1080p high resolutions. This MP3 player supports almost all audio file formats and also lets you read ebooks. It’s like a mini version of a mobile phone.


Display- 4.0-inch LED-backlit widescreen with IPS technology

Storage- 8 GB internal and extendable up to 512 GB

Battery type- 1800mAh lithium-ion with fast charging technology

Battery life- 50 hours

Additional features- FM, video, recorder, ebook

Can be connected to Bluetooth and car speakersIts operations are sometimes glitchy
It has 6 types of song sorting, playlist creation option and equaliser 
Can be used to listen to music, watch videos and read books 
Fast charging technology 
Extendable memory 

7.Tengsen Mp3 Player with Bluetooth

If you are looking for a music player that does more than just play music with superior sound, then your search ends with this Tengsen MP3 player. It is compact in size but comes with a large enough screen for viewing videos and reading ebooks.


• Display- 4inch LED high-resolution touchscreen

• Storage- 16GB internal storage extendable up to 128 GB

• Battery type- 1400 mAh lithium-ion

• Battery life- 20 plus hours

• Additional features- FM, video, ebook, recorder, pedometer

Big internal storage space and option to extend it further with built-in card slotDoesn’t allow sorting of songs into different categories
Video playing and ebook reading feature 
It comes with a sport pedometer to keep track of steps walked 

8.JOLIKE MP3 Player

You can use this single device to listen to music, read books, watch movies, record audio, and even while jogging because of its compact size and steps counting feature. Invest in this smart device to enjoy a music-listening experience like never before.


• Display- 1.8-inch touch screen

• Storage- 16Gb internal and extendable up to 128GB

• Battery type- 220mAh Lithium-ion Polymer

• Battery life- 21 hours

• Additional features- FM, video, recorder, ebook, pedometer

Super cute and eye-catching designBattery is not that powerful and dies down quickly
Large internal storage that can be expandedBluetooth connectivity is not wide-reaching
Multi-functional music player 

9.AGPTEK A02 8GB MP3 Player

This powerhouse of a device is your true partner for when you need to get lost in the world of sensory immersion. Packed with impactful sound, this music player also lets you read books watch videos, record audio, listen to FM, and even set an alarm. A very handy device, this one is.


• Storage- 8 GB internal and extendable up to 128 GB

• Battery life- 70 hours

• Additional features- FM, video, ebook, alarm, recor

Multi-functional music playerDoesn’t include earphones
Provides up to 70 hours of usage timeNo Bluetooth technology
Short charging time 

10.RUIZU X52 8GB Mp3 Player with Bluetooth

This light and mini MP3 player is designed to add extra fun to your daily exercise regime. Its tiny and clip-on design is easy to attach to your clothes and sports gear or even fit into your pocket seamlessly. Its intuitive user interface makes flipping through apps, organising and repeating songs easy.


• Display- 1.5 inch TFT colour screen with upgraded UI

• Storage- 16GB internal memory with 128 GB extendable

• Battery type- Powerful and fast-charging lithium-ion battery

• Battery life- 6 hours

• Additional features- FM, voice recorder, video, ebook, clock, pedometer

The intuitive interface allows easy usage and uploadingPoor Bluetooth connectivity
Multi-functional player 
The bookmark feature lets you play from where you left 
Includes instructions to restart the device in case it crashes 

Best three features at a glance

ProductsStoragePlaytimeExtra Functions
Sony NWZ-B183F Walkman Digital Music PlayerUp to 900 songsUp to 20 hoursOnly for music
SanDisk Clip Sport Plus MP3 PlayerUp to 4000 songsUp to 20 hoursOnly for music
Saregama Carvaan Go Gold music player3000 pre-loaded songsUp to 7 hoursOnly for music
Sony NWE393/B Walkman MP3 PlayerUp to 900 songsUp to 35 hoursViewing photos and Clock with alarm and sleep timer
RUIZU X02 Mp3 Music PlayerUp to 2000 songs (expandable up to 128GB)Up to 80 hoursRecorder, videos, and ebooks
TIMMKOO MP3 PlayerUp to 2000 songs (expandable up to 512GB)Up to 50 hoursVideos, ebooks, and recorder
Tengsen MP3 PlayerUp to 4000 songs (expandable up to 128GB)20+ hoursPhotos, videos, ebooks, and pedometer.
JOLIKE MP3 PlayerUp to 4000 songs (expandable up to 128GB)Up to 21 hoursVideos, ebooks, pedometer, and recorder
AGPTEK A02 MP3 PlayerUp to 2000 songs (expandable up to 128 GB)Up to 70 hoursEbook, video, alarm.
RUIZU X52 Mp3 PlayerUp to 2000 songs (expandable up to 128GB)Up to 6 hours     Video, ebook, recorder, stopwatch, and pedometer

Best value for money

Priced at Rs. 4,331, the Sony NWZ-B183F Walkman MP3 Player offers the best value for money as it has all the features one needs to enjoy a seamless music listening experience. It has exceptional sound quality and comes loaded with a powerful battery that provides up to 20 hours of uninterrupted play. Its pen-drive shape comes in handy in more ways than one. You can clasp it in your palm securely or slip it into your pocket among other things. It also allows for wireless data transfer- simply attach it to the pen drive slot of your PC or laptop.

Best overall product

The SanDisk Clip Sport Plus MP3 Player tops in the best overall product category. This mini and light music player has a clip-on design that can be attached to your clothes or sports gear, making it the perfect companion for jogs, exercises and even dancing. It offers large storage so you never go out of space for new additions. Wireless connectivity, long hours of playtime, and water-resistant body are some of the other features that cut this MP3 player above the rest.

How to find the perfect MP3 player?

Getting your hands on a music player that is perfect for you is easy if you pay attention to these points-

Clip-on design- An MP3 player is usually small in size- even those that offer video and ebook reading functions. So the device can easily fall or get lost. To avoid this, look for players with clip-on design or those that come with a wearable band to attach it to your clothes when in use.

Expandable storage- A true audiophile’s inventory of songs is ever-increasing. And to make sure you never run out of space for your growing music list, you need to pick an MP3 player that has either 32 GB internal storage or expandable memory via a card slot.

Multi-functional- Features like alarm clock, ebook reader, video and photo player, voice recorder, etc. can come in handy in a device dedicated to music.

Price List

Sony NWZ-B183F Walkman Music PlayerRs. 4,331
SanDisk Clip Sport Plus MP3 PlayerRs. 9,867
Saregama Carvaan Go GoldRs. 3,990
Sony NWE393/B Walkman MP3 PlayerRs. 11,634
RUIZU X02 Mp3 Music PlayerRs. 2,990
TIMMKOO MP3 PlayerRs. 7,644
Tengsen MP3 PlayerRs. 7,627
AGPTEK A02 MP3 PlayerRs. 5,350
RUIZU X52 Mp3 PlayerRs. 4,145
JOLIKE MP3 PlayerRs. 6,895

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Groove to the Beat—10 Best MP3 Players for the Music Lover in You

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