Netherlands vs Argentina FIFA World Cup 2022 Highlights: ARG beat NED on penalties after sensational Dutch fightback

Updated on Dec 10, 2022 05:24 AM IST

Netherlands vs Argentina FIFA World Cup 2022 Highlights: An extraordinary game of football ended 2-2 and Argentina held their nerve to win the ensuing penalty shootout 4-3.

Netherlands vs Argentina FIFA World Cup 2022 Highlights
Netherlands vs Argentina FIFA World Cup 2022 Highlights(AP)

Netherlands vs Argentina FIFA World Cup 2022 Highlights: It looked like Lionel Messi and Argentina's World Cup quest was going to end in the most spectacular of ways. They squandered a two-goal lead, the last of which was scored with a cheekiest of free kicks in what was almost the last second of normal time. This led to a period of extra-time in which Argentina sent in shot after shot in the second half after which they won a see-saw penalty shootout 4-3.  

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  • Dec 10, 2022 03:34 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: To conclude an extraordinary night…

    Make no mistake, this was a football match that was low on quality but so high on drama and pressure that the technicalities simply don't matter. Or maybe they do matter, maybe everything mattered way too much in this match judging by the sight of the grown men and women bawling their eyes out in the pitch and in the stands out of either sheer happiness or despair, depending on which shirt they are wearing. Argentina were dominant for much of this match with Messi providing the first goal for with a #puregenius defence-splitting pass for Nahuel Molina and then scoring from the spot. But then Netherlands decided to throw the kitchen sink and that allowed Wout Weghorst to score one and then the most cheeky free kick you will ever see in World Cup football allowed him to score a last second equaliser. The two teams snoozed in the first half of extra time before Argentina came within a hair's width of finding the winner multiple times in the second half of extra time. Then, Emiliano Martinez made a couple of extraordinary saves but it looked Netherlands might make a comeback yet again but Lautaro Martinez ensured that his poor form does not leak into the shootout and took Argentina through. Phew! That's all we've got for you tonight. Good night, or good morning, depending on your perspective. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:26 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: ARGENTINA ARE THROUGH!

    Martinez smashes it in and runs off! His teammates stream in behind him. The Dutch cannot believe it, they are down on the ground, they are inconsolable. There also seems to be minor fights breaking out. Messi was the only one who had initially run towards Emi Martinez but now the rest of the Argentinians are climbing over him. Wow, how about that! Lautaro Martinez has been in dreadful form this World Cup but he scores that decisive penalty. Emiliano Martinez with some of the greatest penalty saves you will ever see at the start there. What a night this has been and at the end of it Argentina keep their World Cup dreams alive. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:25 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: De Jong scores!

    NED 3-3 ARG. Now it's down to Lautaro Martinez

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:24 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: Fernandez misses!

    NED 2-3 ARG!

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:24 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: NED get one back!

    NED 2-3 ARG! Weghorst finds the target

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:23 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: ARG on the brink!

    NED 1-3 ARG! Montiel smashes it in

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:21 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: Netherlands get one!

    NED 1-2 ARG

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:21 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: Paredes scores!

    NED 0-2 ARG. Smashes it in with aplomb. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:20 AM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: MARTINEZ SAVES AGAIN!

    Netherlands 0-1 Argentina. This time diving full stretch to his left and Martinez dances!

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:19 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: MESSI SCORES!

    Netherlands 0-1 Argentina. As cool asit comes, just rolls it down the middle. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:18 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: SAVED BY MARTINEZ!

    Netherlands 0-0 Argentina. Just a sensational save diving to his right by Martinez. Now its Messi

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:17 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: Netherlands take the first kick…

    Virgil Van Dijk has the ball in his hands, Martinez in goal. Here we go!

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:15 AM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: PENALTIES IT IS!

    Extra time is up, on to penalty shootout we go. Oh the drama. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:12 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: FERNANDEZ HITS THE POST!

    120 mins: The youngster smashes in a shot from 25 yards out, Noppert was nowhere near it and it smashes against the left bar and out. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:12 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: SHOT FROM MESSI!

    120 mins: From outside the box, low along the ground and it is deflected just wide for a corner. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:09 AM IST


    116 mins: Fernandez fizzes in a shot from outside the box after a corner kick routine. It is deflected off a Dutch foot just over the bar. Every minute feels like a thrill in this half. Argentina have found their feet again and are making an almighty push. Meanwhile, Netherlands take off Cody Gakpo for Noa Lang. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:07 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: BIG CHANCE FOR ARGENTINA!

    114 mins: Ball squared in from the right by Di Maria, Lautaro Martinez's shot and it is just deflected wide! 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:05 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: Chance for Netherlands!

    112 mins: Free kick from Gakpo, about 35 yards from goal just left of centre. He floats it invitingly to De Jong on the left who for a moment has only the goalkeeper between him and goal. But his shot is blocked and he is called for a foul for high foot while taking the follow-up shot. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:03 AM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: 111 mins gone

    Lisandro Martinez taken off for Angel Di Maria by Argentina. Defender off for an out and out attacker. Di Maria had an injury which is why he is being brought only now. No doubt his primary reason for being there is his ability with penalties. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 03:02 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: Messi's shot

    109 mins: Messi wins a free kick on the right, plays a one-two from it and cuts inside before letting off a shot that goes over the bar. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:57 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: 2nd half of extra-time is off

    Allright then, is there one goal field goal left in this match? Netherlands, to be very honest, have looked quite uninterested in going for goal. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:55 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: Half-time in extra-time!

    Well this has been the antithesis to the last 20 mins of normal time. Almost no threat to either goal. This might be decided by penalties. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:53 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: 103 mins gone, Netherlands 2-2 Argentina

    Free kick for Argentina from the right, not quite suitable for a shot. Messi takes it, puts into the empty zone at the far post and the ball goes out tamely. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:48 AM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: No long ball football from the Dutch

    96 mins: They are back to playing their passes but they are far more decisive now. Gakpo takes a shot that takes the roof of the net. Martinez had reached for it but pulled out at the last second. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:41 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: Extra time kicks off!

    Goodness, gracious me, how is this game going to end now. Are Netherlands gong to continue lumping the ball into the box? Can Messi conjure one more piece of magic and can Argentina defend after that? Is this one really going into penalties? Yikes!

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:39 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: Full time whistle! Netherlands 2-2 Argentina

    Well it has come to a boil again with both benches pushing and shoving each other after that whistle went off. There as no way this match was fizzling off into a an easy 2-0 win for Argentina was there. Wout Weghorst has come on and turned the game on its head. The sheer cheek of that free-kick. Koopmeiners did a FAKE SHOT FROM A FREE-KICK IN THE LAST SECONDS OF A WORLD CUP QUARTER-FINAL, passed it to Weghorst who turned it into the near post. It is the kind of ingenuity that can win you World Cups you know… 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:32 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: GOAL! NETHERLANDS EQUALISE!

    OH CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! The whole stadium expected a shot, instead the ball is passed to Weghorst who scores the equaliser in what has to be the last 10 seconds of normal time. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:31 AM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: Dangerous free-kick for Netherlands

    Pezzella with a clumsy challenge just left of centre right on the edge of the D. Noppert is down on his haunches. The 10 minutes are up, this could very well be the last kick of the game. Lionel Messi has been shown the yellow card possibly for running his mouth too much. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:28 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: 6 mins of added time gone…

    Argentina are holding on for their dear lives. Netherlands looking more dangerous than they ever did. If only they had decided to just lump long balls into the box earlier in the match. Doesn't matter now, this has become a deliciously dramatic finish. The likes of Esteban Cambiasso and Javier Zanetti can be seen in their suits and blazers singing their hearts out with the rest of the Argentine box from their box. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:24 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: 10 MINS OF ADDED TIME!

    It is far from over and to start off this bumper added time, Berghuis lets a free kick from 22 yards smash into the top of the wall to start it off. This is going to feel like 10 hours for Argentina.

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:22 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: 90 mins

    The players decide to lay off each other, maybe because this is a World Cup knockout game or something. Paredes gets away with a yellow card where he really, really should have seen red. The referee has been a little strange today. He was flashing yellow cards everywhere in the first half and shows no red for a blatant provocation such as this. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:22 AM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: IT ALL COMES TO A BOIL!

    88 mins: Paredes smashes into a Ake two-footed near the touchline and then smashes the ball into the Netherlands dug out. They all come rushing out to have a polite word or two with Paredes, the Argentines come in to keep their teammate safe and it is now a churning human potpourri in that area. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:18 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: Argentina shaking now 

    86 mins: With De Jong and Weghorst in front, the Dutch have decided to ditch all that pragmatic passing and there are balls flying into the box like cannon fire. Weghorst had headed in from just outside the six yard box off a vicious cross from the right. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:14 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: GOAL! THE DUTCH GET ONE BACK!

    83 mins: Well one of those two battering rams has scored within seconds of coming on. Wout Weghorst with an absolutely brilliant header to cut Argentina's lead in half. Now then…

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:13 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: Changes, changes everywhere

    78 mins: Double substitution for Argentina German Pezzella and Nicolas Tagliafico replace Cristian Romero and Marcos Acuna. The Netherlands bring on Wout Weghorst for Memphis Depay. So they now had two battering rams in front in Weghorst and De Jong. Wonder if they will now start sending balls into the box and try to actually score. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:09 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: 75 mins gone, Netherlands 0-2 Argentina

    A row between Emiliano Martinez and Luuk De Jong and then the game is stopped by a pitch invasion. All of that puts a break on the proceedings, which really wasn't going anywhere because the Netherlands had taken back to passing the ball around with utterly no end product. They have been shockingly dismal in this match. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:06 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: GOAL! IT'S MESSI!

    73 mins: As calm a penalty kick as they come. Messi draws level with Gabriel Batistuta's record of 10 World Cup goals for Argentina. Just clips it to Noppert's right the Dutch goalkeeper was rooted to the spot.  

  • Dec 10, 2022 02:03 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: PENALTY FOR ARGENTINA!

    One can expect a VAR check of course but for now, the ref has pointed to the spot. Acuna goes down, seemingly tripped by Dumfries at the edge of the box near the byline on the left. There is no VAR check and Messi stands over the ball. Breath in…

  • Dec 10, 2022 01:57 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: 65 mins gone Netherlands 0-1 Argentina

    66 mins: Argentina take off Rodrigo de Paul, who has run a lot and been quite tireless in the midfield but hasn't had too great a game going forward. Leandro Paredes comes on to replace him. Meanwhile, the Netherlands have also taken off defender Daley Blind for striker Luuk de Jong. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 01:54 AM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: MESSI COMES CLOSE!

    63 mins: Free kick for Argentina just left of centre after Messi is pushed down by Van Dijk. The Argentina captain takes it and the ball fizzes just over the bar on the right. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 01:46 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: 50 mins gone

    De Paul overhits an attempted through ball to Messi, who is on the ball quite a lot more than he was in the first half. Other than that, nothing too exciting. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 01:37 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: 2ND HALF KICKS OFF! 

    Argentina get the ball rolling. Wonder if we will have more movement in this second half considering one of these two sides are going to be out after this. Van Gaal has brought on Steven Berghuis and Teun Koopmeiners for Steven Bergwijn and Marten de Roon.

  • Dec 10, 2022 01:24 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: HALF TIME! Netherlands 0-1 Argentina

    Not the greatest of first halves but who cares when Messi does his thing, eh? Nahuel Molina scored what will probably remain the most special goal of is career. Apart from that little moment, it has been a half in which most of the players seem to have walked more than run.  

  • Dec 10, 2022 01:16 AM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: 5 minutes of added time

    Not too many chances or stoppages in this half really and so it will just be five minutes of injury time. The ref has shown yellow cards to Julian Alvarez and Wout Weghorst, the latter being on the bench. That is five yellow cards shown already, two of those to those on the bench. The referee just telling everyone to not be too naughty, he has cards for everyone. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 01:13 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: A little mess for the ref to clean up

    43 mins: Acuna has a kick at Dumfries' ankle and the latter goes down in a heap. Acuna follows the ball and Timber comes accross and pushes his him hands on chest to the ground, seemingly as a tit-for-tat. Timber and Acuna get yellow cards for all that nonsense and the latter will miss the semi-final if Argentina go through. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 01:10 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: Shot from Messi!

    40 mins: Messi receives the ball on the left just inside the box, surrounded by about three Dutch shirts, Nathan Ake behind him being the man giving him the most grief. He fakes a movement to the outside before dipping his shoulder and turning the other way and taking a shot all in one swift movement. That was low but straight at Noppert. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 01:04 AM IST


    35 mins: Nabuel Molina's goal with love from Lionel Messi. The maestro with a pass that slices the Dutch defence on the left and puts it on a platter for Molina, he buries it for his first-ever international goal. That goal has come out of nowhere but then Messi does dig goals out of nowhere, either by scoring them himself or providing them for others. Messi collects the ball on the right, threads his way inside and then suddenly reverses a glorious through ball for Molina that seemed to have catched out even the Dutch player that was following the Argentinian captain. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 01:00 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: 30 minutes gone

    Argentina with a lot of possession now and now both sets of players seem to have given Messi competition for walking stats. The only excitement of the last five minutes comes towards the end of the 30th minute when the Argentinian manager Lionel Scaloni gets shown a yellow card for making a real nuisance of himself at that touchline. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 12:55 AM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: 25 mins gone, NED 0-0 ARG

    And now two Argentinians get in each other's way. Alvarez tries to loan the ball to Acuna and move forward on the left, probably expecting his teammate to lay it off for him and get out of the way. Acuna not quite on the same wavelength and the two run into each other. It is just a mutual nudge though, more clumsy than dangerous. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 12:54 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score:  A shot from Netherlands!

    23 mins: It does look like Bergwijn and Depay kind of got in each other's way here. The shot comes from the latter from the edge of the box just left of centre and fizzes wide. First nip for the Netherlands. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 12:52 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: Messi's shot!

    21 mins: Goes over the bar! And quite a few metres above it as well. The first real shy he has had at the goal today. That shot came after a long period in which the Netherlands sucked the life out of the game. And after that shot, the Netherlands continue doing the same. It hasn't been the e most thrilling of 20 minutes of football. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 12:48 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: 15 mins gone, Netherlands 0-0 Argentina

    Netherlands have had more of the ball in these last 15 mins, and that means that there hasn't been much happening. The Dutch have been as pragmatic as ever but unable to thread too many passes together in the Argentine final third. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 12:42 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: 10 mins 

     Can't really say if either side has truly pulled away from the other but Argentina have looked more likely to score. Dutch goalkeeper Andries Noppert gave everyone a little scare by playing a risky pass that went just past the extended leg of Julian Alvarez to a centre back. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 12:35 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: 5 mins gone…

    Argentina push forward but their attack fizzles out just at the edge of the box after they come up against an Orange wall. It might be that kind of a game for them today. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 12:31 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: KICK OFF!

    Here we go then! Both teams in their iconic traditional colours. Argentina attacking from right to left. The Argentine national anthem was absolutely thundered out by the majority of the fans who are wearing Argentina's colours. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 12:25 AM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: The players walk out!

    Here they are! Virgil Van Dijk leads out the Dutch, Lionel Messi leads out the Argentines. Netherlands national anthem comes first, then Argentina's. Go on. Feel it in the air. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 12:18 AM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: A Messi affair

    Lionel Messi gave #2013vibes with how he was prancing circles around the Australian defence. He first scored his first World Cup knockout goal and went past Maradona's tally in this tournament. He could have then assisted at least one more, had it not been for Lisandro Martinez's misfiring feet, and almost scored another in the last 10 minutes. But Netherlands are no Australia, let's see how the maestro handles with this. 

  • Dec 10, 2022 12:13 AM IST

    FIFA World Cup Live score: Van Gaal's fairytale

    Louis Van Gaal had revealed in Aprl that he had received 25 radiation treatments for an aggressive form of prostate cancer and he kept the diagnosis from his players during their World Cup qualifying campaign. Defender Daley Blind said the 71-year-old’s illness, and how he handled the situation, is on the players’ minds in Qatar. “Of course it is in the back of our heads,” the Ajax defender said. “From the first moment we didn’t know about it. He did everything he could to keep it from us. He was even going to the hospital during the nights, so as not to show the team what he was going through.

  • Dec 09, 2022 11:55 PM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: The spice

    So, Angel di Maria started it off by saying that Louis Van Gaal was the ‘worst manager' of his career. Van Gaal replied by saying that Memphis Depay, who was sitting with his default player's face for press conferences beside him, also had to deal with him at Man United and now they ‘kiss each other on the mouth’, leading to Depay's statue face to break. And then, came the little joust with the media over tactics. “I get the same question from you every time but you don’t understand that football is evolving,” he said in a tone of exasperation. “At this World Cup we see that the results are very tight, even between big teams and supposedly smaller countries, because compact defending is simply easier than attacking. But it’s not true if it seems we are only defending. I hope that is clear now.”

    Can you smell it?

  • Dec 09, 2022 11:41 PM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: In other news…

    A little team called Brazil ARE OUT OF THE WORLD CUP!!!!!! Well Croatia have done a real number on the five-time champions. Brazil's World Cup campaign seemed to have come alive in a burst of splendid colours when Neymar scored a truly lovely goal in the first half of extra time. But then Croatia scored the equaliser through Bruno Petkovic. Then, Croatia did their thing in the penalties and BRAZIL HAVE BEEN KNOCKED OUT. Argentina are now the only South American team left in the tournament. Talk about seismic results. 

  • Dec 09, 2022 11:39 PM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina live score: Netherlands squad 

    Noppert; Timber, Van Dijk, Ake; Dumfries, De Roon, De Jong, Blind; Gakpo; Depay, Bergwijn.

  • Dec 09, 2022 11:38 PM IST

    NED vs ARG, FIFA World Cup Live score: Argentina squad 

    E Martinez; Romero, Otamendi, Lisandro Martinez; Molina, De Paul, Fernandez, Mac Allister, Acuna; Messi, Alvarez.

  • Dec 09, 2022 11:29 PM IST

    Netherlands vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup Live score: Hello and welcome!

    There has been a bit of a war of words between the two camps already, chiefly between Louis Van Gaal and Angel di Maria. There was also some sparring between Van Gaal and the media in the press conference over his tactics. Well, Croatia have proven that the only thing that matters, is winning, when they did a number over Brazil. 


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