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From Minecraft to forgotten realms here's how Dungeon Masters can mix monsters and mayhem in D&D

ByPaurush Omar
Apr 04, 2023 09:00 PM IST

Dungeon Masters can now add Minecraft monsters to their Dungeons & Dragons campaigns

Dungeon Masters looking for some new and exciting creatures to add to their Dungeons & Dragons campaigns need look no further than Minecraft's bestiary. While these mobs may seem out of place in the Forgotten Realms, their unique abilities can bring a fresh and challenging dynamic to encounters. In this article, we'll explore the monsters included in "Monstrous Compendium Vol 3" and how to use them effectively in your campaign.

The latest collection of monsters added to D&D's Fifth Edition includes five of Minecraft's most popular mobs
The latest collection of monsters added to D&D's Fifth Edition includes five of Minecraft's most popular mobs

Bringing Minecraft mobs to D&D

The latest collection of monsters added to D&D's Fifth Edition includes five of Minecraft's most popular mobs: the Blaze, the Enderman, the Wolf, the Ender Dragon, and the Creeper. While their designs may seem out of place, their mechanics provide plenty of reasons for Dungeon Masters to want to use them. But how can you balance the unique mechanics with the out-of-place designs?

The Creeper: a support monster with explosive potential

The Creeper is one of Minecraft's most iconic mobs, but its unique physiology, electrical charge, and fear of felines make it an interesting enemy in D&D. While it can't outright attack, its ability to explode when close to someone can create a deadly chain reaction. To use the Creeper effectively, Dungeon Masters must think creatively about how to incorporate it into encounters.

The Blaze: ranged pressure and heat aura

The Blaze is a rare monster that provides a big challenge to martial classes who don't have a solid ranged option. Its heat aura ability deals fire damage in a five-foot radius around the Blaze, making it difficult to approach without fire resistance. Using multiple Blazes in an encounter can create a deadly barrage of explosive fireballs that challenges any D&D party.

The Wolf: a rush of enemies to overwhelm

Similar to the Blaze, the Wolf of the Overworld overwhelms enemies with numbers. Its pack tactics grant it advantage on attack rolls if its target is next to an ally, making it a fearsome foe. However, Dungeon Masters can also use the idea of tamable wolves from Minecraft to allow players to tame the creature, turning it into a powerful ally.

The Enderman: a tricky target to hit

The Enderman's powerful teleportation ability makes it a tricky target to hit. Its reaction ability, which counts as a free action, effectively makes it immune to ranged damage. Players can use this themselves through the use of an Ender Pearl, which allows them to teleport up to 60 feet to a spot they can see.

The Ender Dragon: a dangerous solo encounter

The Ender Dragon is the one creature from this collection that really stands on its own. With an Armor Class of 22 and an average HP pool of 350, it's a rare kind of D&D monster that doesn't need minions to deal with a party of adventurers. To use the Ender Dragon effectively, Dungeon Masters should emulate how it appears in Minecraft.

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While Minecraft's mobs may seem out of place in Dungeons & Dragons, their unique abilities can provide a fresh and exciting challenge to encounters. By balancing their mechanics with creative designs, Dungeon Masters can incorporate these creatures seamlessly into their campaigns. So, the next time you're looking for some new monsters to spice up your D&D game, consider looking to Minecraft for inspiration.

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