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Monday, Sep 21, 2020


Sep 01, 2020 14:11
Scelidosaurus is among the earliest-known members of an even-larger dinosaur grouping called ornithischians and provides new insights into this group’s origins. read more
Aug 04, 2020 18:44
The malformation was a manifestation of osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer, making this Centrosaurus, which lived 76 million years ago, the first known example of a dinosaur afflicted by malignant cancer. read more
Aug 04, 2020 13:36
The Centrosaurus fibula, a lower leg bone, contained “a massive gnarly tumor larger than an apple,” said paleontologist David Evans of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. read more
Jul 09, 2020 17:25
Far from the small lizard-like dinosaur in the movie, the Dilophosaurus was the largest land animal of its time, reaching up to 20 feet in length. read more
Sep 28, 2019 16:43
Viktor Radermacher, a South African who is half scientist and half artist, is a “palaeo-artist”. His job is to give the world an idea of what dinosaurs looked like, but rooted in scientific scrutiny of their fossilised remains. read more
Jul 23, 2019 11:41
Captured on the dash cam of the police car, the video is now making people laugh out loud after it was shared on Twitter by Charles Cross Police Team. read more
Jun 27, 2019 15:48
The fossil remains of the Vespersaurus paranaensis were found in Cruzeiro do Oeste municipality of Parana state read more
Feb 05, 2019 13:09
A reproduction of its spiny neck was exhibited in the Cultural Science Center in Buenos Aires. read more
Aug 07, 2018 16:05
Alaska might have been the ‘superhighway’ for dinosaurs between Asia and Western North America read more
Jul 24, 2018 22:04
Scientists on Tuesday announced the discovery of Lingwulong shenqi, an early member of the well-known group of plant-eating dinosaurs called sauropods with long necks, long tails, small heads and pillar-like legs. read more
Jul 24, 2018 19:52
The foot bones, found beneath a series of tail bones, extend about three feet (one meter) wide and are believed to belong to a brachiosaur, from a group of extinct herbivores known as sauropods. read more
Jun 23, 2018 19:08
The film Jurassic Park created a mass awareness about and interest in the prehistoric being. read more
Apr 10, 2018 10:38
The fossil market is not just for scientists anymore. Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicolas Cage are fans of outsize prehistoric ornaments. read more
Apr 05, 2018 14:59
Researchers said emergence of toxic plants combined with dinosaurs’ inability to associate the taste of certain dangerous foods had them already decreasing drastically in population. read more