The image shows a portion of the eatery's receipt (Facebook/@clubluckychicago)
The image shows a portion of the eatery's receipt (Facebook/@clubluckychicago)

Couple leaves $2000 tip for restaurant servers due to this very special reason

Chicago-based eatery Club Lucky took to Facebook to share this heartwarming story.
By Trisha Sengupta
PUBLISHED ON FEB 16, 2021 12:44 PM IST

If you are using social media for long, chances are you have seen the posts by different restaurants about the customers who left huge tip for the servers. This post shared by Chicago-based eatery Club Lucky is a perfect inclusion to that category. The eatery’s share about a couple who left $2000 tip for a very special reason may fill your heart with a warm feeling.

Taking to Facebook, the eatery explained that the couple in question met each other in the very same restaurant 20 years ago. Since then, they have been visiting the eatery and this year they left this amazing gift to celebrate their two decades of togetherness.

“This guest had his first date with his now wife 20 years ago at Club Lucky on February 12. He has been coming back every year at same time, 7:30, same booth #46! We have given him a standing, permanent reservation at this time every year! We are honored to be a special part of this couple’s life and very VERY grateful for their generosity! During this difficult time it instantly uplifted the spirits of our entire staff! We cannot thank you enough,” reads the caption.

The post is complete with an image of the receipt with sweet words written on it. Take a look:

Since being shared, the post has gathered tons of comments from people. They couldn’t stop appreciating the couple’s gesture.

“This is amazing. As a restaurant guy myself, getting to see all our regulars slowly joining us again has been almost like a family reunion. It warms the heart. It’s people like this that truly make what we do so special,” shared a Facebook user. “How generous & awesome!” said another. “Happy anniversary to them and what a wonderful gift! Inspirational to all! Good people!” expressed a third.

Jim Higgins, owner of the establishment, said that the tip was divided among the Club Lucky staff, reports WLS-TV.

"You know, it almost makes you want to cry. It's so heartwarming when people are that generous," Eddie Cruz, the bartender who closed out the couple's tab told WLS-TV.

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