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Elon Musk claims X is better than Instagram on online child safety, slams Meta platform: ‘We care and do more’

May 21, 2024 07:16 AM IST

Elon Musk took to X to share a meme featuring a scene from the popular show The Simpsons to take a dig at Instagram on online child safety.

A post by Elon Musk has created a buzz among X users. The tech billionaire slammed Meta Platform Instagram about their online child safety policies in his post. He also claimed that X has better safety protocols in place to “fight child exploitation”. Many disagreed with his post, claiming that X is filled with adult materials unsuitable for kids.

In his recent X post, Elon Musk took a dig at Instagram on online child safety. (REUTERS)

“Post your family pics on X! We care & do more to fight child exploitation than any other platform by far,” Elon Musk wrote. He then added a meme featuring a scene from the show The Simpsons.

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The first part of the photo shows two men standing outside an establishment with a text insert that reads, “Perhaps there’s some nice photos in here”. What is interesting is that the sign above the door of the establishment shows the Instagram logo.

Take a look at look at Elon Musk’s post here:

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The post was shared a few hours ago. Since then, it has accumulated nearly 14 million views - and the numbers are quickly increasing. The share has further prompted several comments from people.

What did X users say about Elon Musk's post?

“Many will be understandably apprehensive about that tbh. Still need to get rid of all the porn bots and spam plaguing X,” posted an X user.

“Nobody should be posting photos of their children on the open internet,” added another.

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“The majority of my audience are young teenagers, and every time I post something, there is at least one "nu*** in my bio", reply. Not only that, but people use trending hashtags to post violence and sex so they get more impressions. I mean, cmon,” joined a third.

“I recently went through two years of posts to delete any pictures of my son. I don’t love the ‘nu*** in bio’ under a picture of my toddler,” a fourth expressed.

“No. Photos of my children will never be posted on the internet,” wrote a fifth.

A few months earlier, the US Senate Judiciary Committee grilled CEOs of prominent social media sites - Meta, X, and TikTok - over their guidelines regarding the dangers that teenagers and children face while using these platforms, reported Al Jazeera.

The lawmakers accused the companies of not doing enough to block sexual predators on the platforms and also prevent teen suicides.

What are your thoughts on this X post by Elon Musk taking a dig at Meta?

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