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Dhruv Rathee, Gaurav Taneja’s war of words over ‘India’ vs ‘Bharat’ debate: ‘Your dying career…’

Jun 21, 2024 02:55 PM IST

Dhruv Rathee reacted to Gaurav Taneja’s comments on “India” vs. “Bharat” debate, in which the latter said that “some foreigners want to control all content.”

YouTubers Dhruv Rathee and Gaurav Taneja have engaged in a war of words on X over the “India” vs “Bharat” debate. After Taneja slammed Rathee, saying that “some foreigners want to control all content on the internet”, he responded.

YouTubers Gaurav Taneja (left) and Dhruv Rathee (right).(Facebook/@flyingbeast320 and X/@dhruv_rathee)
YouTubers Gaurav Taneja (left) and Dhruv Rathee (right).(Facebook/@flyingbeast320 and X/@dhruv_rathee)

In a now-viral post, the YouTuber suggested that Taneja should seek help from his “YouTube Blueprint course” over his “dying career”.

Rathee wrote, “No controversy can save your dying ‘career’ Gaurav, not even exploiting your kids for drama. You gotta make valuable content for that. Let me suggest my YouTube Blueprint course if you need help. Good luck.”

It all started when spiritual leader Sadhguru expressed his stance on the “India” vs “Bharat” debate. He said that India should have “reclaimed” the name “Bharat” when colonial rule ended, as the name “reverberates” in everyone’s heart.

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While reposting an old X (formerly Twitter) post by news agency ANI on “replacement” of “India” with “Bharat” in NCERT textbooks, Sadhguru wrote, “We should have reclaimed the name ‘Bharat’ when the British left our shores. A name will not do everything but it is important the country is named in a way that reverberates in everyone’s heart.”

“Even though the Nation means everything to us, the word ‘India’ has no meaning. If we are unable or unwilling to change the name of the Nation officially, it is time we at least bring ‘Bharat’ into our daily parlance. Younger generations must know that Bharat existed long before India was born. Congratulations,” Sadhguru added.

Take a look at Sadhguru’s post below:

YouTuber Dhruv Rathee quickly reacted to Sadhguru’s post on “India” vs “Bharat”. He wrote, “Can you stop your Anti-India agenda Mr Jagadish Vasudev?”

The social media activist further added, “Everyone knows that both India and Bharat are written in our constitution, but just for politics, you are playing this dirty game of divide and rule.”

Rathee’s comment on Sadhguru’s post garnered many reactions and comments, including one from Gaurav Taneja, famously known as “Flying Beast”.

Taneja slammed Rathee for his comments on Sadhguru’s post - advocating for “free speech”. “Why can’t different opinions exist on the Internet? Why do some foreigners want to control all content on the Internet?” Taneja asked.

He completed his post with the hashtag “dictator”.

Check out Dhruv Rathee’s comment and Gaurav Taneja’s response to it:

The Bharat vs India debate started when the G20 invites sent to world leaders were addressed to the ‘President of Bharat’ instead of the ‘President of India’. Later, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nameplate during the summit in New Delhi also read ‘Bharat’ instead of India.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) stated that the debate over “India” vs “Bharat” is “useless” and announced that textbooks would use both terms interchangeably.

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