Rescuers helping Missy get out of the pond. (Facebook/Allegan County Sheriff's Office)
Rescuers helping Missy get out of the pond. (Facebook/Allegan County Sheriff's Office)

Horse named Missy gets stuck in frozen pond. Here’s how she was rescued

It wasn’t clear how long the horse had been stuck in that situation.
PUBLISHED ON MAR 04, 2021 07:54 PM IST

In a heartening story, a horse named Missy was rescued from a frozen pond. A post shared on Facebook by Allegan County Sheriff's Office details Missy’s rescue and the share has since struck a chord with many.

The incident took place in Wayland Township County in the US state of Michigan on February 26. Animal Control was informed about the horse being stuck in the homeowner’s pond and it wasn’t clear how long she had been in that situation. Soon, Wayland Fire Department was called to help rescue the horse.

“Members of the fire department responded, upon arriving on scene, went into the cold water of the pond and less than 30 minutes in the pond, the fire department personnel had cut the ice, removed the ice, made a path, and successfully were able to get Missy out of the water,” details the post which is complete with pictures of the rescue.

Take a look at the entire share below:

Since being shared March 2, the post has collected over 100 shares and several appreciative comments. People on Facebook have also termed the rescuers as heroes for their actions.

“Thanks so much for the awesome rescue of this poor horse. Many kudos to you. You guys are awesome,” posted an individual. “Thank you for your help and bravery to all. You're real heroes,” wrote another.

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