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Tokyo’s ‘tiniest’ see-through apartment with nearly $800 rent horrifies people

ByTrisha Sengupta
Feb 18, 2024 07:01 AM IST

YouTuber Norm Nakamura shared a video of an extremely tiny apartment in Tokyo. He further added that the “craziest” part is that the place is expensive.

A video showing a tiny apartment in Tokyo has gone viral. In the clip, a man is seen giving a tour of a house which to many may seem like an “insane” choice for accommodation.

The image shows the amenities provided inside the ‘tiniest’ Tokyo apartment. (YouTube/@TokyoLens)

YouTuber Norm Nakamura shared the video and added that the apartment is located in a posh region in Tokyo with rent that can go over $800.

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“Tiny Apartments are far from uncommon, but this tiny and completely see-through; that's new. The crazier part is just how expensive it is... Japan's Micro Apartment scene just got a new layer of ‘but why’,” Nakamura wrote and shared the video.

In the video Nakamura is seen touring around the apartment which looks like a big balcony with see-through glasses all around. That’s not all, throughout the clip, Nakamura also gets utterly baffled as to where one can put their bed in the apartment or store their belongings, including items like clothes and utensils.

Take a look at the video of the entire tour of the apartment here:

The video was posted about five days ago. Since then, it has collected close to 6.6 lakh views. The share has further accumulated several comments.

What did YouTube users say about this tiny apartment?

“This feels like a Black Mirror episode when the tenant is the entertainment for everyone looking to watch,” posted a YouTube user. “Dude, this is, like, insane - the price, the layout, the clear health and safety hazard of the entire place! I think you need to try and get a tour with one of the residents because I want to know how people live there!” added another. “Out of all the places you've shown, this one has been the first one to set off my instant 'Nope, absolutely not' reaction. No way this is liveable,” joined a third.

“Forget the claustrophobic panic I would feel getting up to that apartment and living in it, I would have nightmares of leaving a window open and falling out of my home and ending up as a pancake on the street. What if you dropped your phone and it just slid out of the side of your home? Oh my God. I don't even know how most of that is legal,” questioned a fourth. “The reaction to this apartment is, "Awww hell no!" and even if you had small enough furniture, those stairs aren't wide enough for anything. Thanks, Norm, that was a trip,” wrote a fifth.

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