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US police warns against distressing ‘Door Knock’ TikTok challenge. What is this viral trend about?

ByTrisha Sengupta
Jan 20, 2024 09:31 PM IST

While sharing about the viral ‘Door Knock’ TikTok challenge, a police department in the US wrote that the trend is causing 'physical and emotional distress'.

Friendswood Police Department has taken to Facebook to share about the viral ‘Door Knock’ challenge on TikTok that is causing ‘physical and emotional’ distress to people. Under this challenge, which is a new take on the game ding-dong ditch or knock-a-door run, teens are banging and kicking on doors at night to startle residents.

The image, taken from a video shared by US police, shows a few people being a part of the distressing ‘Door Knock’ challenge that went viral on TikTok. (Facebook/@Friendswood Police Department )

“The Friendswood Police Department is aware of the viral Door Knock challenge which encourages individuals to bang or kick doors in the middle of the night in an effort to startle residents. This trend is causing both physical and emotional distress for residents of all ages. Over the past few weeks FPD has received several reports of this type of activity,” the department shared.

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They also posted two videos that show a group that ‘appears to be teenage males’, kicking and banging on a door. One of them also uses an empty water jar to bang on the door.

The department concluded the post by informing that they were trying to identify all the individuals involved. They also urged people to report in case they or their neighbours have been a victim of the viral Door Knock challenge.

Take a look at the police post about the viral trend:

Since being shared two days ago, the post has accumulated several comments from people. Just like this individual who wrote, “Come on! People could get hurt doing this stupid stuff”. Another added, “Who are these kids? Parents should speak to their kids that are in this age group and warn them of consequences. This is not kids being kids. This could get dangerous.”

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A third posted, “This is not appropriate at any time of day. I agree with others. This could turn out very badly for someone’s child. They will either be killed or wounded and, yes, the parents will be very hurt, angry, etc. I hope they stop before it goes too far.” A fourth joined, “It's all funny until they knock on the wrong house and meet an armed resident that has good aim. Stupid actions have consequences.”

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