7 things you must know about the White Walkers before GOT Season 7 begins
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7 things you must know about the White Walkers before GOT Season 7 begins

Get familiar with the White Walkers, the mysterious villains of the fantasy series, Game of Thrones.

tv Updated: Jul 15, 2017 11:17 IST
Smridhi Sablok
Smridhi Sablok
Hindustan Times
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Learn about the White Walkers before season 7 of Game of Thrones begins.

It’s hard to imagine a TV viewer alive in 2017 who isn’t aware of HBO’s award-winning TV fantasy series, Game of Thrones. The only thing certain in this monster fantasy series is uncertainty and so is the case with the White Walkers. They have emerged as the single greatest threat in the series and they are the main antagonists of this fantasy saga so far. Here’s a quick tour through the history of White Walkers before the series premiers on Star World in India on Sunday.

How it began

Let’s head back to the very first scene of the series where the members of the Nights Watch were attacked by a White Walker. That’s the scene when White Walkers first made there appearance. At that time, we weren’t aware about their threat.

The Night King

We had to wait till season 4 to finally get a glimpse of the Night King. In season 4, we learn that the Night King can resurrect the dead and turn them into White Walkers. We also got to know that White Walkers can also turn human babies into like them.

The origin

So, where did the White Walkers come from? We learnt about their origin in season 6. They were created by the children of the forest as a defence against men, who were destroying their homes. The children actually turned a man into the first White Walker using a blade of dragon glass, but this backfired when the White Walkers broke out of their control and started killing everybody.

Why are they stuck beyond the great wall

The White Walkers reside in the land of ‘Always Winter’ way up North, beyond the wall. So why can’t they waltz into the Westeros? This is due to ‘The Wall’, that protects the rest of the realm . It was made by children of the forest by using ice and magic.

What’s the scene now

In the current day, Westeros seems to have forgotten about White Walkers as they are busy squabbling over the iron throne and believe that they are mere legend told to frighten children. Only the Brotherhood Without Banners seem to be aware about the threat that White Walkers pose.

Defence against the White Walkers

So how do you defeat them? To defeat the undead, you need weapons such as Valyrian steel, which was Jon Snow’s sword. His sword was made from dragon glass. It is also believed that dragon fire can also kill the White Walkers.

The upcoming war

In the upcoming season 7, Jon Snow’s mission will be to convince the rest of the realm that White Walkers are real threat to the entire realm and everyone must join forces to battle the White Walkers.We can’t wait to see what happens!

First Published: Jul 14, 2017 18:26 IST