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Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar highlights: Anup Jalota and Saba Khan evicted from Salman Khan’s show

Salman Khan announces it is a double eviction week and Anup Jalota and Saba Khan walk out of Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar’s Sunday episode. Here is everything that happened on the Bigg Boss episode.

By HT Correspondent | Oct 28, 2018 22:01 IST

As Bigg Boss 12’s Weekend Ka Vaar begins, four contestants are up for eviction from Salman Khan’s show -- Anup Jalota, Surbhi Rana, Saba Khan and Srishty Rode. Anup Jalota is the first to be evicted with Saba Khan exiting as the show gets over.

Even the host Salman had himself said on Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode that the house is divided in two groups -- the Wolf Pack comprising Sreesanth, Dipika Kakar, Jasleen Matharu, Urvashi, Srishty Rode and Shivashish and Happy Club with Deepak Thakur, Romil Chaudhary, Surbhi Rana, Rohit, Saba Khan and Somi Khan as its members. He had singled out Anup for censure, saying he is the only one who has stayed aloof from the happenings of Bigg Boss 12 house.

9:55pm IST

Saba Khan evicted, Somi breaks down

Salman announces Saba as the second contestant to leave the Bigg Boss house.

9:45pm IST

Salman drops the double eviction bomb

Salman Khan tells contestants that it is a double eviction week and one more person will leave today.

9:30pm IST

It’s a team face-off in Sultani akhada

Jasleen, Shivashish and Sreesanth go head to head with Deepak, Romil and Surbhi.

9:20pm IST

Rohit wants Sreesanth to be evicted

In a who-said-this task, it is revealed that Rohit had suggested that they should all throw Sreesanth out of the house.

9:15pm IST

Anup Jalota is evicted from the house

Salman Khan asks Anup Jalota to step out from the house, Jasleen sends him off with a hug.

9:10pm IST

Megha wins competition, Dipika loses kitchen duties

Megha wins the cooking competition and will henceforth be responsible in the kitchen. Dipika loses kitchen duties.

9:01pm IST

Bigg Boss 12 begins with a cooking competition

Megha and Dipika fight it out in a cooking competition. The contestants will choose a winner between the two.