Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 13.
Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 13.

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar written update day 70 December 15: Salman Khan announces Hindustani Bhau is evicted from show, not Madhurima Tuli

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Salman Khan played a major twist with his fans as well as contestants on the show - after asking Madhurima Tuli to get ready to be evicted on Sunday, he announced that Hindustani Bhau was the one to be voted out.
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Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar on Bigg Boss 13 saw some tense moments as well as light-hearted ones, thanks to Gutthi aka Sunil Grover. The episode also saw Salman Khan announcing that Madhurima Tuli got from the reality television show.

Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar saw Gutthi enter the house, much to the amusement of all. Here’s a sample from one of the promos - entering the house Gutthi said that outside, Arti Singh had been dubbed Abdulla. Why? Because ‘begaani shaadi mein Abdulla deewana’, in a clear reference to Arti’s involvement in the Rashami-Arhaan issue.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

The episode began with Salman doing one of the routine tasks - the balloon task, in which all the inmates cleared misunderstandings about each other. Vikas Gupta chose to burst Asim’s balloon, stating that he felt Asim didn’t think emotions were necessary and that by playing the tasks well, he could move ahead in Bigg Boss. Sadly, that is not how Bigg Boss’s format works, said Vikas. Arhaan, Shefali Bagga and Shehnaz all felt Bhau slept too much, even though he did not agree.

Next, Gutthi entered the house to entertain the inmates, cracking jokes and singing song about the inmates, even as all the contestants laughed. He mentioned how the world outside had dubbed Arti Singh ‘Abdulla’ because ‘begaani shaadi mein Abdulla deewana’, quoting a popular Hindi saying, when a third person takes undue interest in some else’s affair. It was a clear reference to Arti’s interest in the Rashami-Arhaan relationship. All this was part of his narration of funny news headlines.

Through this season, we have seen Salman lose his cool at the behaviour of the inmates and he has been giving them doses of reality. On Sunday, he introduced the Thappad task. However, the inmates took the task lightly. As part of it, Salman asked questions, the particular inmate on the hot chair, had to answer and rest had to agree. If they didn’t, the said contestant would be slapped by the slapping machine. Salman announced that Vishal, Arhaan and Shehnaz would be the ones to get slapped on Sunday. While Shehnaz got relatively less slaps, both Arhaan and Vishal got a handful of them.

Later, former Bigg Boss contestants and actors, Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma entered the house to promote their new album Ranjhanaa and also to host a game with the participants. In the game, inmates had to tag each other as ‘zero’, ‘khatra’ and ‘friend’ but had to give a valid reason for doing so. The game showed what inmates really thought of each other.

As the task began, here’s how some of the candidates fared -- Shefali Jariwala said Asim Riaz was a ‘khatra’ to her, Bhau chose Paras as his ‘zero’ choice. For Vishal, Arhaan was a ‘zero’ personality as he had no role to play other than stick around Rashami. For Asim, Paras was a ‘zero’ person while Paras returned the favour and chose Asim as his ‘zero’ candidate. Overall, at the end of the game, Rashami emerged as the ‘friend’ for most inmates, Shehnaz was chosen as the ‘khatra’ element and Madhurima got most votes for being ‘zero’.

Soon, it was time to name the second contestant for eviction this week-- Salman announced that Sidharth Shukla, who is in hospital, was safe but Shehnaz would have to leave the house alongwith with Madhurima. Salman had told Madhurima on Saturday’s episode that she got the least votes but will have to wait inside the house till Sunday. Madhurima had seriously believed that she had been evicted, but in a surprise twist, Salman told her that she was safe, and that there would not be a double eviction.

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Shehnaz was the only candidate to get evicted this week, he said. However, neither Shehnaz and the other candidates could believe that Shehnaz, the entertainer of the house, had been voted out. Shehnaz burst out crying as the rest of the candidates tried to pacify her. Much drama followed with nobody wanting to accept that she had got the least number of votes. Salman, who had been seeing all this, then reacted a bit angrily as to what was happening - why was it hard for them to believe that Shehnaz had indeed been voted out.

But in the end came the real shocker when Salman announced that neither Madhurima not Shehnaz were leaving the house. It was Hindustani Bhau who had been voted out.

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