Bigg Boss 14 written update Weekend Ka Vaar day 27: Salman Khan schools Rahul on nepotism, slams Rubina-Abhinav for attacking show

Bigg Boss 14 written update Weekend Ka Vaar day 27: It was a tiring day for host Salman Khan as she chided Rahul Vaidya, Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin and Abhinav Shukla over their behaviour inside the house in past week.
Bigg Boss 14 written update Weekend Ka Vaar day 27: Salman Khan slammed Rubina-Abhinav and Rahul for their behaviour in this house while he skipped the major fight between Kavita and Eijaz.
Bigg Boss 14 written update Weekend Ka Vaar day 27: Salman Khan slammed Rubina-Abhinav and Rahul for their behaviour in this house while he skipped the major fight between Kavita and Eijaz.
Updated on Oct 31, 2020 11:04 PM IST
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Saturday’s Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar episode was full of drama and host Salman Khan took up most of the big issues that occurred inside the house. While he addressed fights between Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya, he also scolded the singer for his nepotism comment against Jaan Kumar Sanu. Salman chose to skip the major fight between Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz Khan but had a lot to say on the issue of nepotism.

The episode began with housemates deciding whom they consider as puppets in the house and Pavitra Punia and Eijaz named Nishant Singh Malkhani and Abhinav Shukla. Kavita said it is easy to name Abhinav but it will also look bad if he does not defend his wife. Rubina Dilaik named Jaan and Rahul, while Naina Singh refused to name anyone. Salman then announced he would call Jasmin and Nishant as the puppets because the participants could not reach a consensus.

Then, Salman schooled Rahul over his nepotism comment about Jaan. Salman asked Rahul about his first gift, payment of school fees, and singing tuitions, among other things. “Who worked for your singing talent?” Salman asked and wondered why the word nepotism was used for something that can easily be called love and care. “If your parents do not care for you and give you things, should they do so for their neighbours’ kids?” the Bollywood star asked.

Salman also asked Jaan who was a bigger star in the music industry and Jaan named Rahul. Salman then started talking about his own life and also named several stars from the industry. “Will I give my property to someone else, is it possible? Tell me, Rahul, do you like Sanjay Dutt? His father Dutt Sahab (Sunil Dutt) launched him but that film did not work as much as Love Story (another film that released around the same time and did well at the box office but the lead stars could not last in the industry for long) did. But Sanju Baba continues to rule. Did Raj Kapoor do wrong in launching Rishi Kapoor? Was Dharmendra wrong in launching Sunny Deol? They launched their own kid and also launched so many other kids. This new word, nepotism, I did not know its meaning and discovered recently that it is nepotism if you promote someone related to you or offer work to them. But in this (film) industry, it is not possible to survive like that. People only survive on the audience’s love, talent, and hard work.”

Salman further said, “Many big stars tried to launch their kids and invested a lot of money but not only did they lose money, but their offices have also been shut down due to the losses. That happened because the audience did not accept their kids as stars and rejected them. Ajay Devgn is like a brother. Shah Rukh Khan, Akki (Akshay Kumar) had no one in the industry but have been ruling for the past 30 years because of their hard work. Even Jackie Shroff. In this industry, only those survive who have something in them. It is not possible here that you impose your child on others.”

“I understand, it may be wrong if you are forcing your kids on others but that’s not possible here. I had asked my dad to recommend me to a few filmmakers but he clearly told me, ‘If they saw something in you, they’d have approached me… Now, why do you want me to get insulted when they reject you after my recommendation?’ That is when I decided to work hard and make space for myself. Let me tell you, Rahul, this is not a platform to talk about nepotism. Are you suggesting Mukesh Ambani should donate all his property to the Tatas and not his own kids? Have you heard of companies called Ratan Lal and neighbours? No one is here because of lineage, it is because of your own work that you are in the house.”

Salman also made fun of Jasmin’s reaction after she lost the captaincy task. Salman said Rahul was not threatening but only warning her against injury. When Jasmin asked for an apology, Salman played the audio from the tussle between Rahul and Jasmin. Rahul could clearly be heard saying kept saying ‘please’, ‘request’ etc several times. Abhinav, Pavitra, and Rubina said that some traumatic experience from Jasmin’s childhood triggered such violent reactions from her. Salman said Jasmin’s reaction looked like an after-thought and she started crying again. Salman then assured her he would have come in the Bigg Boss house and told her if Rahul had bad intent. “I need to protect you and but also ensure that you do not look like crazy,” he said.

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Without naming Kavita or Eijaz, Salman said that friendship is about personal choice. He also scolded Rubina and Abhinav for claiming that Bigg Boss is biased. Digging up Rubina’s comment that only those people who assure better ratings would be made winners, Salman told them, “Stop blaming Bigg Boss and complete the task. Compete amongst yourselves, not with Big Boss.”

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