Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 11: Geetha and Tanish argue over gender discrimination
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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 11: Geetha and Tanish argue over gender discrimination

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 11: Tanish misunderstands Geetha, thinks that she said his team won the first challenge because of the women.

tv Updated: Jun 21, 2018 11:04 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 11: Geetha is angry with Tanish after he yells at her.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Wednesday episode begins from where the task was left off on Tuesday. Tanish and Samrat come forth to take their challenge. They are asked to take flags kept in the middle of the mud pit and put them in a corner while being tied to each other with a harness. Samrat wins the game but Tanish is injured. Bigg Boss calls him to the confession room to get treatment.

Babu Gogineni loses his temper and slams the king, queen and princess for putting up with tasks that hurt the housemates physically. So Geetha says that the injuries were not that major, and even the contestants were singing aloud. “They were inside and thinking of it as a mud bath. We thought it was not a big deal and seeing him walking around, we did not think he was hurt that badly,” she tells Babu.

Geetha is called to the confession room where she is told Bigg Boss wouldn’t chose a game that can physically hurt contestants. He then explains that if the contestant (Babu) is not happy with his task, he can quit. He also mentions that this would only affect the luxury budget for the house. Babu decides to take part in the task and also wins it.

Nutan and Tejaswi entertain Samrat as they sing Deepika Padukone’s song Ghoomar and dance to it too.

The next day housemates begin to go about their business, however, the previous day’s tasks takes a toll on the contestants and many of them fall asleep, including the captain. Bigg Boss calls Samrat to the confession room to give him a warning. Bigg Boss points out that housemates are speaking in a different languages, sleeping during day time, switching off mikes while speaking and are even discussing nominations, which is against the rules.

Samrat comes out and repeats the message but is not serious about it, again indicating passes how conscientiously he takes his duties as a captain.

By then, Bigg Boss presents the next step of the task. The king, queen and princess are expected to keep their followers happy. The contestants who lost the first task are with the princess and the people who won the task are with the king and queen. One of the tasks is to take the diamond kept in the living room at any given point. This diamond leads to a bonus point. So when the announcement about the task is done, Kaushal runs to the place where the diamond is kept and pockets it.

This leads to the opposition team wondering how they can take it away from him leading to discussions about things getting physical. The king and queen are restricted to stay inside the house while the princess and her team have to stay under the thatch roofs outside the house.

First task is to collect the flowers from the swimming pool and make a garland out of it. The team with the most flowers will win the task. Geetha will be deciding the winner of the game. The princess’s team wins with 96 flowers. The second task is to play tug of war with the princess sitting on a throne which is tied to the rope. The princess tells Geetha that she felt as if someone pushed her from behind. Geetha, announces the winner as the king’s team and Tanish misunderstands Geetha to have said something about men vs women. It is, however,Kaushal who comes forward and says this game makes no sense as there are more men on one side. He tells Geetha that men are more strong and hence this is unfair.

Geetha points out that gender shouldn’t matter in a game. She does get pissed off that Tanish has misunderstood and yelled at her. She tells the housemates that she never differentiates between men and women and this is not okay.

The Bigg Boss announces princess’ team as winner as Kaushal has the diamond. So the king and queen are locked in the jail by them. The queen and the king can only be released if the key to the lock, which will be placed on the podium, is stolen from under the princess’s team’s nose. Deepthi, who is the queen, speaks with her team members, while Tanish tells the princess team that he will take care of the key. Kaushal suggests that the team take shifts to guard the key, however Tanish is sure that he can complete the task successfully.

Will the king and queen be freed from prison?

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First Published: Jun 21, 2018 11:02 IST