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Game of Thrones: How the Dothraki men stood on horses, shot arrows in episode 4

HBO has released a behind-the-scene video on how the makers of Game of Thrones executed that stunning Loot Train Attack at the end of episode 4 is out. Watch it here:

tv Updated: Aug 09, 2017 09:05 IST
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There is a new video out showcasing how the final scene from The Spoils of War was brought to life. The Loot Train Attack from the fifth episode of season seven of their hit TV series Game of Thrones is being called the best battle scene in the history of TV by many and the video is proof how much hard work went into it.

The video details how director Matt Shakman chose to show the attack from the perspective of Jaime rather than Daenerys or anyone else. “... I chose to focus on Jaime. That it was about being on the other side of the dragon attack.Trying to hold together his troops in the middle of watching the world change forever,” he says. The makers talk about how our heroes are pitted against each other in the sequence and you don’t know who to root for in the sequence.

A camera hoisted on a cable to make the scene feel faster.

Stunt and SFX co-ordinators talk about how they shot the fast-paced sequences of a dragon’s flight and Dothraki men riding their horse. They hoisted cameras on cables, on cars, on cranes and on several men to get perfects shots each time.

Emilia Clarke riding a make-shift Drogon for Game of Thrones’ Loot Train Attack.

The sequence also now holds the record for most stunt actors ever set on fire for a shot, 20. The stuntmen share how they had to stop breathing for the time they were on fire and how dangerous it could have been.

The production team used eco-friendly dye to make object look charred and covered the soil in different types of ash. They also had to pick everything up and move it every time the cameras would change angle.

Crew members covering props in fake ash.

Emilia Clarke was made to ride a specially made amusement park-type ride that would later be edited out and replaced with the CGI dragon. “You’re strapped in. Then looking like you are controlling it when there is so much going on. You just got to put on every single bit of imagination you have and just use it. I mean can you even imagine being on the back of a reptile that is breathing fire on your command. That’s huge,” she says in the video.

Emilia Clarke enacting pulling out the spear that struck Drogon’s wing.

Without a doubt, the entire VFX, SFX and stunt team put in a lot of hours into creating the 10-minute sequence. Maybe think about this the next time you want to download a leaked torrent.

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