I don’t have an idol in the TV industry: Gautam Rode

Actor Gautam Rode says he does not want to emulate any successful TV actor’s work pattern and wants to carve his own journey in the industry

tv Updated: Jun 06, 2016 19:33 IST
Gautam Rode,Ronit Roy,Indian TV actor
“With certain success, there also comes a certain responsibility,” says actor Gautam Rode.

In the world of television, where actors are often known by the characters they choose to play rather than their names, actors Gautam Rode says that there is no one actor whose career path he will like to emulate. The 38-year-old says that he looks up to certain actors, but would like to carve his own path. “I don’t have an idol as such in the TV industry. I want to have my own journey. I look up to Ronit’s (Roy) working pattern. He has done some really good work and continues to do so. He looks good and is fit. He is doing great for himself in films and TV,” says Gautam.

Although television actors have great fan following, Gautam says that there are also many who might not want you to succeed. However, he has never let this get to him. “With certain success, there also comes a certain responsibility. Once you are known, people start banking on you and see if your other projects are successful or not. There are people who envy you and don’t want to see you succeed, but there are also people who pray for your success. You are running with so much responsibility on your shoulders and that puts pressure sometimes. But I don’t get nervous anymore,” he says.

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Getting romantically linked with people as well as other rumours are part of an actor’s life, says Gautam, adding that he never pays too much attention to these. “There have not been much rumours about me, so that way I guess I have been lucky. But there are times when I have heard some things about myself.You just need to smile through this because I don’t know how to react. If you try to justify, it gets worse. You need to be true to yourself at the end,” he says. Talking about the funniest rumour which he heard about himself, Gautam says, “Three years back, there was this rumour where I was dating two actresses together. I just knew them and didn’t even have their numbers. I was like if it was one, it was still okay, but it said that I am dating two of them! I was like where did that come from. It was very funny.”

“No matter how tired I am, or whether I have injured my back or neck while shooting, I don’t ever miss the gym. That is something that I have to do everyday,” says actor Gautam Rode

Meanwhile, Gautam, who plays the role of Karna in the show Suryaputra Karn, says that acting in a mythological drama has been great, but challenging. “It’s going well. It’s been a long journey with this show as well. it was supposed to be a finite series and was supposed to end in January this year. But it’s been doing well for the channel, so now it will end a few months later. It’s been both good and hectic. We have been shooting for the show and there is a lot of action, the sequences are tiring. Right now, I am also shooting for an important sequence so it’s become more hectic,” says Gautam, who has been part of shows such as Saraswatichandra and Mera Naam Karegi Roshan.

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The other side…

No matter how tired I am, or whether I have injured my back or neck while shooting, I don’t ever miss the gym. That is something that I have to do everyday. In my gym routine, I don’t miss abs and abdominals in my routine. I make a superset and include abs with every exercise, that is something that I have to do daily.

Family Support…

My family has always supported me and I love spending time with them during my free time. that is the best way for me to relax. Of course, my parents often put pressure on me to get married and it’s not like I will not get married. We will see when and how that happens.

Actor Gautam Rode says that he didn’t become successful overnight.

The work-personal life balance...

There are long schedules for sure but after a certain point in life, once you have made your mark, the pressure of performing is much more than pressure of being on the sets for a specified number of hours. You just need to deliver a power packed performance rather than counting the hours. To unwind, I love to spend time with my loved ones. I watch films, hit the gym and lying down on the bed doing absolutely nothing.

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I have been very open about myself and my fans know almost everything about me. I always touch the camera before I shot. Before I start any journey, i always pray. Thirdly I go to the temple everyday. I also have my cheat days. I do a little bit of cheating wit my close friends whenever I go out in terms of food.


For me, it has always come with work. I never got overnight success. It’s taken its time with me and I believe that its the best this way because it makes you learn your job and craft. Once you are known for your work, people know that they can bank on you as an actor. That’s the most challenging part. Once everyone accepts you as a good actor rather than just talking about your looks, you have gained something.

First Published: Jun 06, 2016 19:33 IST