TV border ki tarah hai, dhyaan chooka aur goli lag sakti hai: Kapil Sharma
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TV border ki tarah hai, dhyaan chooka aur goli lag sakti hai: Kapil Sharma

Actor Kapil Sharma talks to us about his journey in the world of entertainment, his idea of success and how he balances professional and personal life.

tv Updated: Jun 05, 2016 11:25 IST
Anjuri Nayar Singh
Anjuri Nayar Singh
Hindustan Times
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Actor and comedian Kapil Sharma says his fans know everything about him and there is nothing to hide.

Being famous comes with a lot of perks, but it has its own drawbacks, too. And one of the most successful Indian comedians Kapil Sharma is learning this first hand. From getting into legal spat with the channel that aired his last show Comedy Nights with Kapil to getting panned for making fun of nurses on his current show, The Kapil Sharma Show, he seems to be battling a new controversy every other week. However, he takes a practical view of things. “I don’t think you can avoid it (controversies). For instance, in the nurses case, I was talking about characters, not the community. Rochelle Rao is an artist and she doesn’t know how to speak Hindi, toh thoda mazaak kar liya, flirt kar liya. It’s all about that particular character. Iska yeh matlab nai ki main uss community ko attack kar raha hoon. Kiku Sharda also plays a nurse and I always fight with him. That is also a character. My family doctor says that unka sara staff humara show enjoy karta hai. So we get a lot of appreciation too,” says the 35-year-old.

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If there is anything Kapil feels jittery about, it is the live performances even today! “I still get nervous... and that is also a good thing, as that boosts me to do better. Live shows are scary. When we go to different places, we feel that all these people are here, will we be able to entertain them! However, once we start performing and we see the love from the audience, all nervousness goes away... the audience becomes your family. For them, you are not someone new and they love to see you perform and you end up performing without realising for how long you have been onstage,” says Kapil, who has stood up to quite a few challenges, including starting a new show.

“I was positive about my new show, but I knew that I was leaving a big show and starting again. I was worried. But my team is very good and have supported me through this entire process. Inti jaldi ek show khadha karna is not easy. I knew there were a lot of expectations from me. To create magic was challenging. TV border ki tarah hai, aap border pe khade ho, dhyaan chooka and goli lag sakti hai,” he says.

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However, even then, he worried more about giving audience the best content and not about TRP ratings. “Ratings matter, but I don’t get so bothered by them. Kaafi rural areas ratings mei included hi nahi ho paatey... I remember once, I had gone to one such place to shoot and I felt no one would come to watch us shoot. But so many people surrounded us that we couldn’t shoot at all. The reach of TV is amazing,” he says, adding that the in his journey it is the love of fans that has kept him going, right from his television debut with The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2008.

I remember, once I had gone to a remote place to shoot, and I felt no one would come to watch us shoot. But so many people surrounded us that we couldn’t shoot at all.

“My journey has been great. I have always got to learn so much, even from my work in the past. Of course, kaam mein maturity aayi hai and bahut seekha hai. I notice some of the things were kiddish or the mistakes I made.. Jis level pe jitna bhi kaam kiya hai, logon ne bahut appreciate kiya hai. Mujhe lagta hai ki aapka kaam apko inspire karta hai to do better. Agar mein apna kaam dekhon, 2007 ke acts dekhoon, 2004 mein radio pe perform bhi karta tha… if I see all that, at that time also I got a lot of love from the audience,” he says.

“The bigger you are, you need to become more responsible. You need to see that no one gets hurt with what you say or do,” he adds.

The other side…

I love listing to music, so I do that when I am not working. I am also working on my film along with my show, so I sit with the team in my free time and we work on the script. I am also producing a Punjabi film, so I spend time with the team as well. Usually I don’t get much time from my show, but whenever I do, I call them over and we work till late in the night.

Family support…

My sister is my loyal fan and critic. She says that aaj tumhara gag acha nai tha. Aur achha ho sakta hai. It’s important to have people around you who will tell how you are performing and I am glad that I have these people around me. My team is also very important to me. We are so clear and open with each other. We don’t shy away from insulting each other and saying that this is not working. Koi bhi artist isko dil pe nahi leta.

The work-personal life balance…

I have not been able to balance this as yet. I am not able to go to Amritsar, but I try to get my mother to Mumbai. Once a year, my sister also comes to Mumbai with her children. Thoda toh suffer karna hota hai. In films, it’s easier to take your families on the sets, but here it’s tough to manage your time. I feel that this is my time to work. But when I get time, I call them to Mumbai or go out somewhere. In between, I had gone to London for a charity show and I took my mother along. My relatives stay there and I thought she will be able to meet them plus I will be able to spend time to everyone.

The actor tries to balance work and personal life but accepts that he has failed to do it well. He is unable to fly to his hometown Amritsar, but manages to bring his mother to Mumbai a lot of times. (Hindustan Times)


There is nothing much that I have to tell my fans about me. They know everything that there is to know.

Kapil says his fans know everything about him. (Sameer Sehgal/ht)

What success means…

I feel that being an artist, I have got so much love and fame. I think of success as extending my family. Generally aapko bas ghar ke log and rishtedaar jante hai, but jab aap sheher mein niklo, log aapko pyaar se milte hain. If people meet any film star, they ask for a picture, they never ask me, they just hold me. They feel yeh toh humara hi aadmi hai. I love that. Sara Hindustan humara ghar ho gaya hai. Agar raat ko gaadi kharab ho jaye toh hum kisi ke bhi ghar jaake kha sakte hain.

Actor and comedian Kapil Sharma clicks a selfie with his fans. (Facebook)

First Published: Jun 05, 2016 10:41 IST