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Bigg Boss 6 Diary: Episodic Synopsis – Day 22

Rajneeti in the Bigg Boss house

tv Updated: Oct 29, 2012 18:28 IST

The day starts with an appropriate song –Dikha de hame teri khoobiyan, show me your jalwa. The housemates rise and shine to indeed a political day ahead of them.

Niketan and Vrijesh are seen talking in the kitchen area about Rajev and Sana. Vrijesh seems to be upset with Rajev’s overacting and pointless, demeaning jokes. After all the housemates are wide awake, Bigg Boss sends in a letter. Niketan reads out the letter to one and all explaining the Rajneeti task.

The housemates listen sincerely and get excited on learning the rules of this rather controversial game. Two teams are divided with Urvashi and Niketan as the party leaders, Rajeev and Sidhu are their assistants respectively. The housemates giggle, laugh and feel the task is going to be a cakewalk. The letter clearly mentions that the losing team will face some really harsh and unseen consequences. After a while, both the newly formed parties start their campaigns to pull in the rest of the housemates towards their respective parties.

While Urvashi and gang use the ‘give you all you need as their slogan, Niketan and Sidhu use woman empowerment as theirs. The parties keep taunting the other party for some reason or the other. Slowly but steadily the housemates start on a convincing spree. Sampat seems to the hot topic, as she gets approached by Sana and Rajev. Sampat listens to everything and decides to stay strong and stick to Sidhu’s team. Sampat gets cheesed off about everyone trying to rope Sidhu, Niketan and Sampat make a plan on how to rope Karishma and Sapna into their party to overrule Urvashi. Aseem and Karishma are seen plotting to join Sidhu’s gang, here Karishma is seen a little confused as she feels most of the girls are in Urvashi’s team especially Sana.

Rajeev is the next in line to try and convince Sampat to join their party. Sampat gets angry and tells Rajev and his gang to stay away from her and let her make her own decision. Rajeev goes straight to his leader and complains about Sampat. Sana is called into the confession room and given a secret task by Bigg Boss. Sapna is seen running into the washroom area looking for Delnaaz. Sapna spots Sidhu napping and asks Delnaaz to wake him up as the whole house can suffer due to his sleep during the task. Sana plays her game rather cheekily.

Well, seems like the Rajneeti was getting to the housemates as Rajeev and Urvashi cook up a fake fight to influence Sidhu as he is very close to Urvashi. The fight does work well, and Urvashi makes the next move by trying to blackmail Sidhu emotionally to join her party. After sometime, to everyone’s surprise, Bigg Boss introduces yet another strenuous physical task called ‘keep the fire burning’ to all the housemates. The housemates seem a little confused when they read the letter. This is twenty four hour task and the housemates need to stay up the whole night till the wake up alarm.

Delnaaz& Karishma are called in by Bigg Boss and punished for speaking in English too often. Vrajesh and Sapna are seen sorting out their differences they had a while ago regarding the task. Eventually Vrijesh convinces Sapna to join Sidhu’s gang to support Aseem and joins Urvashi’s gang to solve the emotional dynamics in the house. Sapna and Vrajesh join their respective parties. Bigg Boss makes a surprise announcement that leaves the entire house stunned. He announces that this coming week there will be two evictions and not one. The shell shocked housemates discuss the repercussions, sing , laugh and eventually only a few lucky ones go to sleep as the others are involved in the task.